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Wedding dresses cheap under 100 2018

Date: 15.11.2018, 04:49 / View: 73353

You needn’t spend fortunes on wedding favours to delight your guests. With an abundance of styles, ideas and inspiration on the market, we’ve focused on our favourite cheap but super-fab wedding favour ideas to buy online for under £1 each. Scroll down to enjoy the vast array of cheap wedding favour ideas and click the items to shop away!

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Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas under £1 Each

Popcorn wedding favour boxes | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk1. Personalised Popcorn Box

These are perfect for you to personalise. Best. Day. Ever! Great for a late night wedding snack for your guests!

80p each


Water bottle labels wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk2. Monogrammed Water Bottle Labels

One of the most practical cheap wedding favour ideas! Personalised, metallic print water bottle labels – great for keeping your guests refreshed on your big day.

42p each


Personalised candles wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk3. Mini Jar Candles

Dreamy soy mini jar candles with silver lids, perfect favours to give your guests on your special day.

£1 each


Mints wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk4. ‘Mint To Be’ Mints

Beautifully presented with added personalised tag and paper flower.

90p each


I spy game wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk5. ‘I Spy’ Wedding Game

The “must have“ at your wedding to make sure those shots that are missed gets noticed at all angles!

90p each

Heart chocolate wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk6. Belgian Chocolate Heart

A pretty (and very very tasty) chocolate heart, hand tempered with Callebaut chocolate, and presented in a cellophane bag and finished off with ribbon and a tag.

99p each


7 seeds wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk7. Wildflower Seeds

One of the best, but cheap wedding favour ideas. Pretty little packets of wild flower seeds for you guests to plant at home, a longer lasting memory of your special day.

£1 per pack


Wine glass charms wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk8. Personalised Beaded Wine Glass Charms

These beautiful wine glass charms are made by using glass pearl beads. The spacers are silver plate with detailed crystals to give them a sparkle.

80p each

Mini soaps wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk9. Mini Soaps

Oh the possibilities! These are cute little soap favours that your bridal shower or wedding guests will adore.

93p each


Thank you tags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk10. Thank You Tags

Say thank you to your guests with these unique clay thank you tags in heart shape. They can be used for any occasion.

90p each


Sombreros wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk11. Handmade Mini Mexican Sombrero Hat

Cute little sombrero hats to adorn your wedding tables.

63p each

Personalised tags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk12. Personalised Tags

These “Hugs and Kisses From The New Mr & Mrs” wedding favour tags are the perfect way to easily spruce up and add a personalised touch to any favour.

30p each

Wooden love confetti13. Wooden Love Confetti

Throw in a little rustic romance with Love Wooden Confetti! Scatter a handful of gorgeous confetti over the tables at your wedding reception to add a simple, special touch.

£4 for 25 pieces


Gold Glitter Dipped Feathers 14. Gold Glitter Dipped Feathers

Add a charming touch to your special day with these fabulous Gold Glitter Dipped Feathers. These beautifully elegant decorations will add an extra touch to your big day.

£2.50 for 10 feathers


Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk15. Magic Message Beanstalk Seeds

Five magical beans with messages and pictures laser etched into them on both sides which will continue to enlarge as the beans grow.

£0.60 each


Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk16. Wedding Fortune Cookies

These wedding fortune cookies contain quotations which are a celebration of love, your wedding day and marriage. Wrapped in a white foil with a gold heart design which adds a beautiful finish to these unique wedding favours. for more ideas.

£0.97 each

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk17. Lottery Ticket Envelopes

These striking personalised lottery ticket holders make a tongue-in-cheek play on the famous wedding vow words – fingers crossed your guests will be ‘for richer’!

£0.70 each

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk18. Personalised Sparkler Cards

These wedding favours sit proudly on the table with personalised photographs of your choice, each with an accompanying sparkler.

£0.63 each

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk19. Wooden Initial Gift Tags

Add some unique charm to your wedding tables with these personalised gift tags designed exclusively by Clouds and Currents, and choose from any letter of the alphabet for the perfect finishing touch. One of the most beautifully cheap wedding favour ideas!

£1.00 each

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk19. Personalised Sweetie Bags

Personalised bags for your sweetie table. This pack of 25 bags will help with the finishing touches at your party or wedding.

Perfect for sweets, these bags are great for weddings and parties. Sweets are wonderful cheap wedding favour ideas.

£0.20 each

Unusual Personalised Wedding Favours | Realwedding.co.uk20. Personalised Mixtape CD Sleeves

These fun retro covers can be personalised with your names and wedding date on the front of your ‘mixtape’ and your playlist on the back allowing your guests to take home the mixtape of your day!

£1.00 each

Wedding favour matchbox favours 21. Matchbox Favour Boxes

Say thanks to wedding guests or bridesmaids in these chic, fun matchbox favour boxes! Each of these gorgeous little boxes is printed with “A little thank you” in vintage-style typography.

£5 for 10 boxes

Wooden Mr & Mrs Hearts22.Mr & Mrs Wooden Heart Confetti

Add a charming touch to your special day with stunning Mr and Mrs Heart Wooden Confetti. Scatter on wedding tables for a lovely finishing touch.

£3 for 25 hearts

Cone Bags 23. Cone Bags

These cone bags will look stunning when filled to the brim with colourful candy. You can let your guests go wild on a candy buffet, or design the cone bags ready to go.

£1 for 10 bags

Candy favour bags24. Chevron Candy Bags

Prepare fantastic treat bags for all the guests at your party with these Powder Blue Chevron Candy Bags. These little chevron-patterned bags can be used to store sweet treats and special wedding party favours.

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£4 for 25 bags

Candy bags25. ‘Treats’ Candy Bags

These simple and stylish Treats Candy Bags are the perfect way to spoil your guests! For those special occasions with extravagant displays of confectionary to tease the senses of both adults and children alike.

£4 for 25 bags

Black and Gold Polka Dot Paper Bags 6 Pack26. Black & Gold Polka Dot Paper Bags

As versatile cheap wedding favour idea, these beautiful paper bags are perfect for little gifts. Pack in small treats and thoughts inside and watch your guests’ delighted faces when they open them!

£1.50 for 6 bags

Ivory Favour Bags with String 10 Pack27. Ivory Favour Bags with String

Collect sweet favours and exciting little gifts to fill these gorgeous Ivory Favour Bags with String, the perfect little souvenir to take away from your stunning wedding spectacular!

£5 for 10 bags

A Decadent Do Wedding Favour Boxes 25 Pack28. Wedding Favour Boxes

Show your gratitude with these stunning Wedding Favour Boxes. You can fill them up with the perfect personal treats to surprise your bridesmaids or guests.

£5 for 25 boxes

White Metal Buckets29. White Metal Buckets

Unusual, unique and finely-made, simply fill these lovely buckets with confectionary, confetti and other amazing treats!

£4 for 5 buckets

Personalised paper cones for confetti or petals, wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk30. Personalised Paper Petal Cones

These personalised paper cones can be filled with sweets, popcorn or petals.

30p a cone

Mint to be mint packs wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk31. Personalised ‘Mint To Be’ Mints

These cheap wedding favour ideas are seriously popualar! In packs of 24, these mint favors are a perfect way to thank guests for attending your wedding. You can personalise your favours and colour coordinate with your overall theme. These are lovely, and are sure to be well-received by your loved-one’s mouths.

Chocolate just married coins wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk32. Just Married Chocolate Coins

These silver ‘just married’ chocolate coins are great table favours and decorations. A delicious treat for small and large wedding guests alike!

17p each

Personalised Bottles of Booze with labels, wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk33. Personalised Mini Bottles of Booze

Supply your guests with a little tipple at their table. Mini cocktails to the ladies, and dark rum for the lads?

Miniature Natural Birds Nests Wedding Favours Under £1 realwedding.co.uk34. Mini Birds Nests

For only 76p each, combine these miniature natural birds nests with sweet eggs and ribbon for a creative wedding favour or decoration. Adding a natural touch to any wedding, these unusual little nests are sure to delight your guests.

76p each

Orchid Candels wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk35. Orchid Candles

These white orchid candles of various sizings make for cute table decorations. They are a whopping 34p each, so you might be able to afford enough to scatter everywhere as well as your recepetion tables!

34p each

Tissue holders wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk36. Tissue Holders

A lovely handmade card tissue holder for wedding guests to wipe away their tears of joy! Give your guests and unexpected surprise with these cute favours, with a message on the back to say thank you for sharing your special day.

99p each

love is sweet chocolates wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk37. Love Is Sweet Chocolates

You can’t go wrong giving a delicious square of chocolate as your cheap wedding favour ideas. Their packaging is in keeping with a rustic or country garden look. Lay these on each guest’s napkin as a thank you for attending your wedding.

50p each

blackboard wine glass charms wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk38. Blackboard Wine Glass Charms

You will never loose your drink again or wander off with another’s either!
wedding dresses cheap under 100 2018 These wonderful blackboard wooden wine glass charms are ready to be initialed for any style of wedding.

95p each

Temporary Tatoos Wedding Party, Customized tattoo, Personalized Wedding Party Favors39. Personalised Temporary Tattoos

I’m considering getting married again just so I can buy these for all my guests. Can you imagine the scrubbing going on in hotel rooms the morning after trying to get them off the drunken foreheads, bums and chests!

93p each

Wedding favours under £1 conversation sweet hearts realwedding.co.uk40. Conversation Hearts

These Love Conversation Hearts work great as wedding favours. They are perfect for favour boxes or bags or just strewn across your guest’s tables. Use them in combination with floral arrangements for interesting centre pieces to really give your wedding that unique touch.

3.5p each

Mini metal pails wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk41. Mini Metal Pails

With your garden or western theme wedding, include some mini metal pails with handles as a table decoration or favour. The pails can be filled with candies or flowers to suit your style. They are available in white or galvanized metal.

66p each

bride grrom tissues wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk42. Bride And Groom Wedding Tissues

Supply your guests with much needed tissues at the ceremony and reception. Especially useful for drying tears of joy during the ‘I Do’s’ and the heartfelt speeches of the Best Man and Father of The Bride.

98p per pack

Hand painted butterflies wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk43. Hand Painted Butterflies

Hand painted butterflies can be added to your favours or flowers for extra colour, natural elegance and appeal. Just one or two of these balancing on the side of the plate would bring a touch of nature and elegance to any table.

83p each

mini cake domes wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk44. Mini Cake Stands

These ideal wedding favours can be personalised with your own choice of label. Fill them with the sweet treats of your choice or try baking mini cup-cakes or doughnuts! You can customise the label from a wide choice of colours, patterns and motifs then add your own text.

92p each

Mini mason jars wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk45. Mini Mason Jar

Just like your Grandma’s but a miniature version, this adorable mini mason jar is irresistible. Features an exclusive message that reads “love perfect mason”, this tiny jar will be hit with your guests regardless of what you choose to stuff inside.

81p each

Wicker Heart Wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk46. Wicker Hearts

Create the perfect wedding wonderland with a little natural goodness – simply add a Wicker Heart to your place settings as a wedding favour.
Add a little rural edge to your wedding.

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60p each

Mini photo frame wedding frames under £1 realwedding.co.uk47. Mini Photo Frame

Not only can these mini photo frames display a photo of the happy couple’s beautiful mugs, but also can be used for ‘Save the Date’ Reminders, Place Markers, Table Numbers, or a thoughtful message from the Bride and Groom.

79p each

Drinks vouchers wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk48. Retro Drink Vouchers

25 vintage drinks ticket tied with twine. Great for a retro themed wedding.

99p for 25 vouchers

Skeleton key Set Wedding favour under £1 each realwedding.co.uk49. Key To Happiness Set

These vintage style keys are perfect for wedding favours. You get 100 keys and 100 tags to create your own perfect favours.

30p each

Personalised wooden heart for wedding favours realwedding.co.uk50. Personalised Wooden Heart

Made from the highest grade Scandinavian birch wood, each heart has a heart hole cut out to enable you to attach to favour bags, jars and other containers with twine or thin ribbon. Buy here.

From 50p each

Sparkler Tags wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk51. Sparkler Cards

These sparkler tags are perfect for your wedding reception send-off.

53p each

colour in personalised wedding favour table mats under £1 realwedding.co.uk52. Personalised Colour In Place Mat

Each table mat comes with it’s own crayon and we all know that adult colouring is becoming the next big thing as a way to relax. This is a great way to make sure your cheap wedding favour ideas get used!

£1 each

Personalised can cooler wedding favour under £1 realwedding.co.uk53. Personalised Can Cooler

For warmer weather weddings, a personalised collapsible can cooler would be a great wedding favour gift!

Hot Sauce Bottles wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk54. Chocolate Letters

Give each guest at your wedding their initial made of quality Belgian Chocolate or create a name for your bridesmaids, flowergirls, page boys etc.

70p each

Hangover Kit wedding favours under £1 each realwedding.co.uk55. Hangover Bags

One of the most amusing of cheap wedding favour ideas! These gift bags are hand stamped with the slogan “Seemed Like Such A Good Idea At the Time” design in black ink. You can stuff them with all the things you think your guests will need in the morning.

Postage Stamp Sticker Set wedding favours ideas under £1 realwedding.co.uk56. Sticker Postage Stamp Sheets

Give your guests a snapshot of your favourite or dream destinations with these unique stickers! Inspired by the classic look of postage stamps, these are a great little favour, and small enough to stash in a pocket or clutch.

£8 for 9 pieces

Natural birch wooden slice wedding favour under £1 realwedding.co.uk57. Birch Wooden Slices

These natural birch slices offer a world of DIY possibilities. Add to a guest’s place setting and pencil their initial for a personal touch. For as little as 12p a slice, you could even spell out people’s names and have money left over.

12p each

Alphabet intial personalised wedding favour under £1 realweding.co.uk58. Personalised Initial Magnet

These initial magnets for place settings double-up as a cute keepsake wedding favour. Colourful, fun and eye catching, these badges or magnets will make a wonderful addition to your special event.

£1 each

wedfest festival wedding wristbands wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk59. VIP Wedding Festival Wristbands

These have snuck in at just over £1 each because I thought they were bloody cool. These Wedfest Festival style wedding wristbands are perfect for couples who want to have fun with their wedding guests. My favourite design says ‘Eat, Drink, Dance’. You cannot deny that these favours will be remembered…until they’re cut off your guest’s wrists!

Love is in the air personalised gliders wedding favours realwedding.couk60. Personalised ‘Love Is In The Air’ Gliders

Now, this is a fun wedding favour! From as little as 89p each, you could have your initials printed on this sweet little package. Each glider comes in a fun envelope that can be personalised with three different sticker options.

89p each

Chalkboard Peg Wedding Favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk61. Little Peg Chalkboards

These miniature clips are a unique way to add a bit of personality to your wedding guest’s place setting. Use them to write a teeny message to each guest as a favour.

32p each

I Spy Game wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk

62. I Spy! Game Cards

These I Spy Wedding Card Game Cards are an ideal way to add some extra fun to your big day. The cards simply prompt guests to take fun images your photographer may have missed. On the back of the cards there is a gap for you to add your wedding hashtag.

22p each

White Silver Hearts Wedding Favour Bags Bundle 30 Pack63. Hearts Favour Bags

These beautiful paper bags are perfect for wedding favours and gifts. Pack in small treats and thoughts inside and watch your guests’ delighted faces when they open them!

£6 for 30 bags

All You Need is Love Printed Linen Favour Bags 20 Pack64. Printed Linen Favour Bags

Show the love to your bridesmaids and guests with these All You Need is Love Printed Linen Bags, perfect for filling up with sweet treats and party favours!

£10 for 20 bags

 Mr & Mrs Rock Sweets65. Mr & Mrs Rock Sweets

Approximately 50 individually clear wrapped strawberry flavoured rock sweets. Each sweet has Mr and Mrs written through the sweet in black text with a pink and cream border.

£5 for 50 sweets

Hobbycraft Favour Gift Bag 10Pk66. Favour Gift Bag

Craft beautiful accessories for your celebration with this pack of extra-small paper gift bags. Ideal for holding gifts, or for using as a favour bag at a wedding.

£3 for 10 bags

White Organza Bags 50 Pack67. White Organza Bags

Create delicate displays with these gorgeous Organza Bags! The pretty organza bag is ideal for giving out special wedding favours to bridesmaids and guests.

£10 for 50 bags

 Heart Chocolates in Gold68. Gold Heart Chocolates

A pack of 50 Neapolitan chocolates presented in retail packaging in a contemporary heart design. Each chocolate has just married on the wrapper written in gold text.

£10 for 50 chocolates


Glass hearts wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk69. Personalised Glass Hearts

Personalised heart shaped wedding table decorations/favours perfect for adding some romance and a personal touch to your wedding table with these Wedding mementos.

25p each

Fragrant hearts wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk70. Fragrant Chalk Hearts

These fragrant chalk hearts are ideal for scenting drawers and cabinets, and as decoration at your wedding.

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74p each

Personalised magnets wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk71. Personalised Magnets

These magnets are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding favors! They work great for hanging pictures on any magnetic surface.

84p each

Scratch cards wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk72. Scratch & Win Cards

Navy and Lace scratch off game card tickets that add a fun surprise to a lucky guest.

37p each

Flags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk73. Personalised Flags

These flags are designed, printed and put together by myself and are a wonderful addition to your wedding. Guests can wave the flags during the ceremony and keep them afterwards.

£1 each

Clothes pegs wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk74. Customised Bride & Groom Clothes Pegs

Hand painted, customized Bride and Groom clothespins that can be customised to look like the bride and groom!

84p each

Heart cards wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk75. Personalised Chocolate Heart Cards

A chocolate foil covered heart attached to personalised card.

99p each

Labels wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk76. Personalised Tags

These tags can be personalized to include the name of the couple and wedding date.

84p each

Candle luminaries wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk77. Personalised Candle Luminaries

Light up a wedding walkway with Abigail Wilder’s Personalized Wedding Luminaries.

83p each

Mason jar tags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk78. Personalised Mason Jar Shaped Tags

These favours are an excellent table decoration to any mason jar themed weddings and can be used as tags tied to any other items!

46p each

Drink tokens wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk79. Personalised Drink Tokens

Get your guests in the partying mood with a their first drink. Can be personalised with your wedding date and names.

50p each

Tic tac labels wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk80.Customised Tic Tac Label

A fun and affordable idea for a favour – perfect for weddings, bridal showers and engagement parties!

46p each

Rustic soaps wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk81.Personalised Rustic Soaps

Beautiful soaps made from coconut oil and natural herbs, perfect for a wedding keepsake.

84p each

Personalised candles wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk82.Personalised Candles

These beautiful favours come each with its own organza gift bag with confetti to match.

99p each

Pink and black boxes wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk83.Pink & Black Favour Boxes

Elegant and classy favour box with lace print in pink and black, perfect for holding sweets and treats for your guests.

80p each

Tie the knot bands wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk84.Customised Thank You Knot Cards

Customisable elastic wedding favour “thank you for helping us tie the knot”.

84p each

85.Fruit & Nut Cone

These dried fruit and nut cones can be personalised with ribbon and name tags.

70p each

Sunflower confetti bags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk86.Confetti Sunflower Bags

Shabby chic sunflower bags, ideal for holding sweets, confeti and other teeny tiny items.

90p each

Animal place card holders wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk87.Animal Shaped Holder

These event place card / table number holders are created from re-purposed children’s toys!

84p each

Tea bag bags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk88.Tea Bag Favour bags

These cute organza tea-bag favours are a great addition to any table.

49p each

Love heart bags wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk89.Personalised Love Hearts Bag

Retro Love Heart sweets in organza bags with personalised tag.

99p each

Personalised candles wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk90.Personalised Candles

These small candles can be personalised with your names and date and given to guests at your Wedding Party. They make a perfect keepsake and are just the right size to use as favours.

99p each

Dream dust wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk91.Dream Dust in a Glass Bottle

These cute little bottles are filled with ‘dream dust’ and labeled.

£1 each

Wedding wishes wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk92.Bottle of Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes Heart Filled Mini Glass Bottles, perfect for favours, individually gift bagged and sent in a gift box.

£1 each

Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas For Children Under £1 Each

Unique Party Bubble Tubes93. Wedding Party Bubble Wands

The ideal gift for children’s wedding party bags or favours. These tubes of bubbles are pink and girly, and each tube includes a pink ribbon tied around the end of the wand.

£2 for 8 bubble wands

Unique Party Heart Bracelets 6 Pack94. Unique Party Heart Bracelets

These Heart Shaped Bracelets are a great, stylish novelty item for guests with smaller hands. They come in a range of colours.

£1 for 6 bracelets

Kids activity book95. Kids Activity Book

This wedding-themed activity book will capture young children’s imaginations so you don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained during your big day! Includes a word search, dot to dot and colouring.

£5 for 5 books

paper yo yos kids wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk96. Paper Yo Yos

A great wedding party bag filler especially for all those super hero enthusiasts out there!! Holding the handle, simply flick the Yo Yo and the paper will shoot out like a laser and then recoil back again ready for the next flick.

£1 each

Activity place mat wedding favours | Cheap wedding favours under £1 | realwedding.co.uk97. Activity Placemat

This activity placemat has a variety of activities to keep the children amused whilst they are waiting to eat.

50p each

sweetheart lollipop wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk98. Sweetheart Lollipop

These sweet candy lollipops are wonderfully romantic. These cheap wedding favour ideas; lollipops are a hard candy with a delicious candy floss flavour and are bound to be loved by all recipients, young and old.

75p each

Printable kids wedding favour colouring book under £1 realwedding.co.uk99. Printable Kids Activity Book

You pay the money, honey, and then print as many as you need, saving you loadsa cash. Great for entertaining kinds of all ages.

£2.99 for a printable template

Popcorn cartons wedding favours under £1 realwedding.co.uk100. Popcorn Cartons

Last, but absolutely not least for cheap wedding favour ideas, thank your guests with these old-fashioned style popcorn boxes. Designed with little rows of hearts to send out that love vibe. Stickers can be added and cartons can be customised with your names and dates.

70p each

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