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Happy new year everyone! 🌟 Today’s post rings in the new year with my monthly news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2018 – we have the Valentine’s  Day and Chinese New Year 2018 collection launches, some Disney Parks updates, info on the next Pandora Disney UK release, and more! 🌈

I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating (or not celebrating) the new year! We cooked a nice dinner with family, and then spent the evening playing Pictionary, learning how to play poker and watching The IT Crowd. 😊

I apologise again to anyone who was disappointed by the Pandora SS18 sneak peeks being removed. I hope to be in discussion with Pandora about this soon, and will provide an update when I can. I’ve read through and appreciate, as always, all your interesting and thoughtful comments, but will hold off my responses for the time being.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this round-up!

Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection release

The main event for this month is the launch of the Pandora Valentine’s 2018 collection. The collection has had mixed reviews from collectors, and features a set of lip-themed jewellery alongside the usual hearts and pinks. It’s due to launch on 11 January – and you can see a full preview if you look through the

In the meantime, I have some live images to show you! The first comes from Pandora’s official Instagram, offering a rather pretty look at the new charm bracelet coming out:

These next are courtesy of – I’ve picked a selection out here, but there are more if you follow the link. :)

Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb Image by tiedyedeb

The is also making its debut alongside the Valentine’s 2018 collection. We have a great collection of live shots of the charm from all angles, courtesy of Lady G Forty. As usual, it comes in a heart-shaped box, stamped with the year.

Image by Lady G Forty

Pandora Chinese New Year 2018 release

As is tradition, Pandora are also putting out a special release in honour of the lunar new year. This year, we’re being treated to two new dangle charms – .

We have this cute live shot of the two charms, thanks to Sha! The charms strike me as being quite representative of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Pandora: the figure, with its two-tone and red enamel, being more in keeping with existing CNY charms; and the heart, with its sparkly pink CZs, more in line with newer Pandora collections.

Pandora lunar new year 2018

I’m told that these will be available in North America and Australia/New Zealand, but not the UK. :( I am in love with the little God of Fortune and so I’ll definitely be getting him to go on my red Asian-themed bracelet:

pandora chinese new year bracelet

Pandora Disney Cruise gift set

There’s a new Disney cruise exclusive Pandora gift set available, including an engraved version of the Frosty Mint shimmer murano, the Cruise ship dangle charm and a Disney version of the usual engravable pavé button charm. This features a sailor Mickey Mouse on one side, and the Disney cruise logo on the other.

We have a couple of beautiful close-up images of the charms included in the set, thanks to Mark Scott.

Image by Mark Scott

The set is available for 5 USD. The murano even has the copyright symbol next to Disney, which tickles me for some reason!

Image by Mark Scott

The only stock image I’ve seen so far is this one by @dpantry:

Pandora Disney Parks 2017 cruise set

In other news, the 2018 Disney Parks Pandora charm is now available for USD. (I previously previewed this with the Pandora Disney Parks AW17 collection.)

Pandora Disney UK February 2018 Release

The next Pandora Disney drop for the UK will be in February – there won’t be brand new beads included, but we’ll be catching up on some of the charms that have already made it out in other countries. The new Disney beads will be out on 15 February. 

I don’t have specific details of what charms exactly will be coming out, but I can confirm the characters that will be making an appearance:

  • Tinker Bell
  • Winnie the Pooh & friends
  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • Ariel
  • Snow White (including the Anniversary charm)
  • Rapunzel’s Dress (but not Maximus! :()
  • Other princess pieces

I’m told that, once this launch has dropped, our Disney offering in the UK will be pretty much on a par with what’s offered in Australia currently.

Pandora hallmarking changes

I’m sure every collector is familiar with Pandora’s hallmark: 925 ALE if the charm is 2011 or before, and S925 ALE if the charm originates after that point. However, charms have been cropping up over the past few months with new, unfamiliar hallmarks, and I’ve had a few questions about this. After a little research, I found the following info, courtesy of Dora Melinte. :)

This text from a French Pandora brochure explains that additional hallmarks have been added to certain Pandora products to help them pinpoint any quality control issues. The new hallmarks include a range of different symbols:

The text translates as follows:-

As part of our quality control process, we have added different symbols & hallmarks to our products to help us identify manufacturing locations. You will see the following symbols on our products.

Pandora Winter 2017 sales continue

Winding up the round-up, I wanted to note that many of Pandora’s regional winter sales are still running and will do so for the first week of January in many cases. I’ve listed the details for most of the sales in my previous sales alert post. Pandora US has extended their sale until 7 January, too.

I’m aware that I don’t want much from Valentine’s (if anything) apart from the CNY bead and the Club charm, and so I’ve gone a little bigger on my sales purchases than I might have done otherwise. 😂 After all, I have a little window to absorb my sales spending before March, lol.

I got the red Twinkle murano, the Club charm 2017 and the Koinobori in the US sale. Yes, I finally cracked and got the lovely Koinobori! I’m wanting to put the muranos on my red leather as a complementary design to my main CNY red bracelet.

Then, as my brother is over in Australia again and can be my Pandora mule, I hit that sale too… two Rapunzel muranos for me, and the Lock of Longevity too, neither of which have made it out in the UK thus far.

Finally, in the UK sale, I got the lovely little Wise Owl. I’ve wanted this for such a long time! He’s on my Halloween bracelet. :D

Pandora, as told by SNL

Finally, we have a little oddball contribution to this month’s round-up 😶 This SNL skit did the rounds just before Christmas, and I thought it was absolutely hilarious:

(The embarrassing thing is that I think the little coffee cup would be a pretty cute charm 😂)

My Comment

It’s going to be a bit of a quiet month for me, as I need to hunker down after indulging so much in the sales. ^^ I’m looking forward to seeing all the Valentine’s 2018 pieces in person – I don’t intend on buying anything, but I’m open to being pleasantly surprised by something when I see it in store. The Lock your Promise bracelet is a possibility, although I don’t really need to start a new design.

Have you been sales shopping at all? Are you planning on getting any of this month’s new launches?


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