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Serena van der woodsen hair updo photo

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On September 19, 2007 Gossip Girl landed on the CW. This glamorous, scandalous, pre-recession megahit was the fashion-fueled impetus for this site, and it delivered on all fronts. Well, for the first few seasons, anyway. Then the storylines went cray, as they are wont to do on primetime soaps. The clothes never disappointed, though, and ten years later, we’re still inspired by S and B’s wardrobes.

Let’s take a look at everything Serena ever wore. This’ll just take a minute. ()


This traveling outfit, which is the most Serena will ever be covered up, ever again. At least three of this site’s recappers instantly became addicted to Breton stripe tops.

This metallic coat, with Constance uniform.

This fresh and pretty ensemble (ok, so she’s still covered up).

This preggo shirt.

This sequined action for her first date with Lonely Boy, who — SPOILER — is Gossip Girl.

Hope we didn’t ruin the series for you. #StillNotOverIt


This tissue weight sweater and cardi combo, perfect for visiting your brother in a mental institution.

This city skyline print, for kowtowing to Queen B.

This dress that’s one part granny, one part glam.


These O-T-K boots which — and I’m being vulnerable here — I totally looked up online and purchased. Moral of the story: they did not give me Blake Lively’s legs, but were still hella fun to stomp around in.

This casz dress, for an uptight Ivy reception.

…worn with this scarf-as-headband, which…LOVE!

This Carly Simon hat and poncho dealio.


This lace number, strongly reminiscent of Blair’s very first GG outfit.

These faded jeans and vest with (Blake’s real life) dog…

…with an uncomfortable-looking purse

…and spats.

This city skyline dress. Clearly a motif they were going for as some sort of campaign to make Serena the new Carrie Bradshaw. New York is the fifth Gossip Girl!

This dress from her Eleanor Waldorf photo shoot.

Oh wait, it was a top and a skirt. And here it is with a cardi and jeans.

This red dress, which paired with Blair’s blue version.


This cool leather jacket and messy tie

This striped shirt with… skinny… scarf… necklace… rope… thingie? which she was going to wear on a date with Dan…

…but then she changed into this.

Humphrey didn’t deserve the upgrade, S.


This pink nightgown…

…followed by this pink nightgown

…followed by this coral robe.

Finally, she got dressed and donned this filigree mask of perfection…

…which she paired with a yellow dress, sequined belt, and fur shrug.


This grey sweater with her micro uniform skirt. Serena is open for business, Dan!

…I mean, really.

No, seriously. She was on a power trip, and she had a sequined dress to fuel it (Note: What headbands were to Blair, sequins were to Serena.)


This argyle sweater, which may have belonged to Dan.

This tunic dress, which looked like it would be hellishly uncomfortable once you sat down.


This silk negligee paired with an ostentatious leopard print coat. Perfect for a flashback of Thanksgiving bar-hopping

This horribly unflattering shirt, paired with a gold lame bomber and a rope made of hair.

This swingy purple dress for Thanksgiving at the Humphreys.

And in another flashback, one of Harold’s dress shirts, with a tie as a belt. Because apparently Blair didn’t own a single piece of clothing that Serena could have borrowed for Thanksgiving dinner.


Ooh! One of our favorite episodes! Remember the debutante ball? Remember The Pierces singing “Three Wishes”? Remember Cece giving Dan Humphrey the dressing-down he so richly deserved?

S kicked things off with yet another sexed-up version of the C-B uniform.

We only got a peek at Serena’s debutante reception dress.

Which was followed by one of her most iconic dresses for the actual ball, accessorized with a wrapped ponytail that mere mortals can never recreate.


Another favorite episode! This was when GG was, like, the best show ever. We opened with the Constance-St. Jude’s Christmas bazaar, where Serena was hanging casz with a blazer, tie, and polo.

Fun fact: This back view of Serena’s hair is , ever.

Later, she wore this figure-hugging stripped sweater dress. Sexy candy cane chic.

Then there’s this sequined tank dress which she wore for Eleanor Waldorf’s Christmas Eve party…followed by a private party she threw for Dan.

“Hey babe, your Christmas present is…me!” That’s so Serena.

Christmas morning, Serena made the walk of shame and changed into this robe and negligee. Yes, this is exactly what you wear to open presents with your mom, brother, and mom’s boyfriend.

LOL, remember when Bart gave Eric a Marlin’s jersey? And when Eric gamely kept these frosted tips to match the rest of his blond fam?


Illicit party in the school pool! Gaggggging over this backless throwback suit.

This 70s inspired jacket with sheepskin collar.

This soft white waistcoat over a long sleeved navy tee, loose tie, charm necklace, and THE POUT.

This lovely wool coat, possibly borrowed from Lily.


This fabulous studded dress, with gold manicure to match.

And this puff-sleeve wool coat, which I didn’t even realize was a thing that wool coats could do.

Also possibly borrowed from Lily?


A skirt this short should be at least a misdemeanor, but the tights and boots moved it in a more respectable direction. Snaps for the shades of Michael Jackson red leather jacket.

Same pleated plaid mini, same black tights, this time paired with brown suede boots and a brown satchel.

Another school day, another loose interpretation of the uniform.

There was this gold brocade coat with an odd sweater-babydoll combo that looked strangely like nightwear worn as a tunic.

This fabulous cobalt military-styled coat.

This simple grey coat with a ruffles-for-days dusty purple blouse.


This robe with stripes and sparkles and a snakeskin-y type pattern.

This habitual tie over long sleeved white tee situation. Please buy a real shirt.

This oddly-fitting dress, salvaged by an awesome gold cuff.

Another leather jacket over another tie and long sleeved white tee, finished with a plaid skirt. At least her hair looked good?

This ivory t-shirt, with a cute pale gold jacket (better, but still leather), with a red and gold snake necklace for a pop o’ color.


This ostentatious costume jewelry. I think there’s a t-shirt and jeans (JEANS!) underneath.

Leather coat/plaid skirt/loose tie.

Oh! And a fabulous hobo bag and gloves which appeared to be made from orange spandex.

But why study when your former frenemy is in town? Time for leather pants and a fake Russian accent!

The next morning called for an angelic version of S’s uniform.

She brought back the wondrous studded leather satchel, and paired it with a soft gray jacket, white blouse and a few silver and green layered necklaces.

Fed up with Georgina’s antics and ready to confront her once and for all, Serena decided it was time for the Sequins of Power.


This rocker leather jacket, with military cardigan, and boho fringed bag. PICK A LOOK, SERENA.

This blah gold sack, with a Pez dispenser hanging near her navel…

…which was worn underneath this disco ball of a coat.


This was the first episode where we witness a Certified Serena Van der Woodsen Meltdown. Tangled ratty hair?  Smeared makeup?  Slip showing beneath her dress?  Unable to stand and/or function? Check, check, check, etc.

She eventually sliped into B’s signature velvet robe. It should probably have its own guest mention in the credits.

She managed to clean up for her mother’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Hello, ladies!


This bridesmaids dress, which needs to be sent to the lowest circle of fashion hell.


This silky swim cover, which would probably be more at home in the bedroom than the pool house.

This giraffe print periwinkle dress she wore for a date with a lifeguard.

This green and white micro-short number which resembles a tennis dress, tbh. Plus an an electric blue Chanel bag, ICYMI.

This Grecian goddess inspired dream, for a random white party.

That hair, tho.


These Daisy Dukes for our very own Daisy Buchanan.

This bizarre zipped parachute top with white, creased, bootcut jeans.

This marvelous maxi, accessorized with a braid, long necklace, and boobs.

This uncomplicated and alluring nightie. Can’t tell if that’s beading, or if a toddler took a Sharpie to it.


These simple jeans and chic tank.

This pale citron tank with a pseudo-necklace neckline.

With awesome beige bag, silver cuff, and metallic mani.

This patterned dress, which maked me think of chicken wire. Plus, big-ass Chanel belt.

This dress is the opposite of a Monet — it’s perfectly fine in the details, but a big mess from far away. Does that make it a Seurat?


This t-shirt, vest, necktie (really, by now it’s just a token tie), and many necklaces.

And…a headband?

This oddly un-accesorized gym uniform. Nary a charm necklace in sight!

This Herve Leger bandage dress, the first of many.

This pink chanel scarf with textured bag, short sleeved cardi, and her usual uniform formula.


This ass-baring uniform skirt with tan vest. Do we need to keep reposting these?

Oh, but the Union Jack back is kind of cool.

Pocahontas Lewk #1

Pocahontas Lewk #2

This green dress for her stomp down Eleanor Waldorf’s catwalk.


Dream!Serena as My Fair Lady, post makeover.

This fantastic bag with a blazer, slim cut jeans, knee-high boots, and a cleave-baring tee.

Sure, Serena. This is what you wear to college visitation day. Shut up the next time you whine that no one takes you seriously.

This positively conservative (for Serena) brown, black, and white dress.

This unflattering white sweater dress with a light pattern of runs, accessorized with perfect hair.


This blue steel sequinned cardigan.

This midnight blue silk negligee for lounging about at home.

This tangerine dress, worn solely to shock Bart Bass.

This uber-patterned dress, possibly borrowed from Vanessa.

This suit that Bart bought in France. He probably meant for a shirt to be worn with it.


These rust-colored thigh high stockings with grey Mary Janes.

This maroon sweater with a deep and spangled V-neck and omnipresent skinny jeans.

This lampshade.

This moto jacket, and these breasts.


This grey romper thing.

This lovely wrap, which I wish she’d kept on the entire episode.

This bewb-baring dark blue gown.

This scrap of silk, worn to bed and to greet a morning visitor (Aaron Rose — ‘memba him?)


This gorgeous white coat with sequined lapels.

This very cute woolen jacket with epaulets and multiple zippers.

This grey dress with multicolored sequins along the neckline and arms.

This pretty-but-nothing-special lilac long sleeved tee, striped cardigan, and skinny jeans.

This skin tight oyster and black satin dress.

This cream illusion dress with a panel of – yes, you’ve guessed it – sequins.

This coat (from the pilot!) and a white negligee, for a romp in Central Park.


This Generic Serena School Uniform

This Man Eater LBD.

These two shiny satin pieces of fabric she wraps around her body like a blouse and skirt. For Thanksgiving dinner.

And these skinny braids, wrapped in a bow. Don’t pin this.

This gorgeous tweed coat, over the aforementioned pieces of satin.


This surprisingly understated sequinned cardigan with lucite bangle.

These fab boots with matching leather bag.

Closeup of the jacket and her diamond cleave.

This top in a pretty color, which seems bunched around the armpits and shoulders.

This dress which could have be so pretty, but instead sagged around S’s assets…not to mention the pretty fairy princess skirt decided halfway round to become a mini macaron-flasher and ruins a gorgeous ballgown.


This black wool military jacket paired with gray scarf and colorblocked gloves. And Chanel. Nbd.

This flawless khaki trench.

This cream dress with delicate accent beads on the hem and around her neck.


This blurry dress, worn while doing the tango in Buenos Aires.

This equestrian-adjacent school uniform. Giddyup, Dan. Serena’s ready to ride again!

This rockabilly jacket with woollen accents.

This sparkly number, which manages to make Serena look poochy and give her uniboob. Burn, please.


This cozy coat and metallic tote (not pictured: green knee high boots).

This dress with an odd neckline and an easy-access zipper, punctuated with a rock candy necklace.

This sequined sweater dress.


This grey coat, over a plaid blazer that seemed coat-like on its own. Straightened and COMBED hair left her nearly unrecognizable.

This dress, which could not accommodate the might of the van der Boobsens.

This comfy striped Henley. And toes.


This toasty patchwork sweater.

This overly detailed coat.

This striped sweater with big silver necklace.

This royal purple wool coat and a gorgeous big tote.


This swan princess gown for St J’s/C-B’s production of Age of Innocence.

This badly fitting black cami topped with a badly fitting grey cardigan, whose buttons match the silver Christmas ribbon she’s slung around her neck for no apparent reason.

This basic black getup.

This basic blue dress with a leather jacket (so sharply cut that it’s more eveningwear than casual) and a statement Chanel purse.


This gorge gold sequinned tank with tan tuxedo jacket.

This beautiful royal blue gown. If the neckline were a few inches higher, it would be almost demure. Bonus points for another appearance of combed hair!


This plaid coat, beneath which was another lovely pairing of beige vest and beige and grey striped top.

This yellow blouse, with sleeves tied up like bizarre kiddie balloons.

This sack with a plunging V.

This lemon yellow coat.


These skinny jeans and cute tunic with a cropped leather jacket.

These sequins, like armor, for when she needed to lawyer up and get a divorce (right, remember that time when Serena was married?)

This awesome blue trench, which was by far the best part of this outfit.


This nude leather jacket with layered gold necklace. Also: grapes.

This montage of outfits for…a co-op meeting? Really?

This structured and not-so-revealing outfit.

This pretty bra.

This taupe on grey combo.

This coat with big gold buttons, and a teal scarf to class up any walk of shame.


“The Wrath of Con” 02×23

This episode picks up where the last one lets off, so get ready for some repeats.

The coat, again.

This wrinkled grey cardigan, again.

This insane diamond bracelet, passed down from her great-grandmother.

Close relation of Jenny’s bracelet from “The Handmaiden’s Tale” btw.

This fully-sequinned jacket, with a plain striped t-shirt.

This sequinned mini-dress, which brings to mind chain mail, almost.


This meh black (brown?) coat.

This sparkly nude prom dress.


This dress. Pretty color, fug neckline.

Here’s the back. I guess this is what Page Six girls wear to ceremonial occasions.

She did not wear a mortarboard, because she’s a special snowflake.

I don’t think they ever showed a long shot of this outfit. I’m sure it was fine.

This sweater tank with a Big Bag and blue jacket. (Leather? Coated denim? Can’t tell.)


This jacket, sans pants.

This maxi dress/blanket.

Long (but tiny) shot. So much fabric!

Another maxi, but this time with shape and definition.


These cut-offs, slightly shiny tank, vest, and a macaron-length necklace.

This slightly sequined dress with shiny tank and a boyfriend jacket.

This cute, boho-hippie romper.

This…vest? Scarf? Is it tie-dye…with…Navajo details?


This embellished, zippered tunic.

The Cleavage Rhombus Dress, in all its glory.

This jeweled dress and Chanel necklace with tank top, and presumably, shorts.


This blue robe.

This luxe suede tank with bold necklace and PANTS!

This bodycon dress with disco glam bag and boyfriend blazer.

This sequined sweater, which can only stay in place with the use of adhesives or magnetic breasts.

Yet another boyfriend jacket on top of a very complicated dress.

This is the back. How does one sit comfortably?

These purple Spanx, with vest and cami.


These red heels, for lounging around at home.

This cleavage-baring tight blue dress and necklace made out of Roman shields for very small legionaries.

This leg-baring black dress, for her mother’s 80th wedding.


This cocktail dress, worn to the office.

Vest/tank/huge necklace/possibly shorts. We’re sensing a pattern, here.

Same as above, minus vest.


This low-cut studded mini dress. For work.

This work-appropriate cardigan with BOOBS.

The back of her top, which seems to have morphed into a swimsuit.

This very pretty oyster-colored dress and cape. And a flip phone! Simpler times, you guys.


This really short skirt, what appears to be a bib, and a useless metallic cardigan.

This gunmetal dress, with much cleavage.


This tailored blazer and heavy necklace.

This one-shoulder LBD.

This drool-worthy coat.

This oddly refreshing shirtdress, with gold cuff.


This backless dress with shoulder pads and chainmail statement piece and SPECIAL GUEST STAR AARON TVEIT.

And? Legs for days. Yes, she wore this to the office.


These (not pictured) camel toe-inducing pants, with pussy bow blouse.

This coat, which appears to embroidered with labias.

With peep toe Loubs.

This plunging catsuit, for Thanksgiving with the fam.


This negligee.


This wrap sweater.


This tweed coat and slouchy hat.


This hospital gown.


This ethereal ensemble, courtesy of Chuck’s hospital-induced hallucination.



This heavenly coat and a weather-appropriate cowl neck sweater.

With hooker boots and plaid tights.

This bolero filled with drugs, and maximum cleavage.


This morning-after ensemble.

This reasonable grey jacket with pearl buttons.

This…dress? With so many bracelets.


This remarkably low-cut, studded sweater.

This even more remarkably low-cut dress, with a large watch.

This slightly bizarre illusion netting dress.


This interesting greige top.

This coat and scarf.

This cold-shoulder action with alien princess necklace.


This choker.

This choker with rubber dress.

This choker and this rubber dress with these shoes. For daytime shopping.


This simple dress, in which she covered up to her collarbones.

This coat, which again proves she has the most amazing selection of coats EVER. PERIOD.

This purple shift with an amulet made of secrets.

Yet another fabulous coat with a simple garnet clutch.

This slightly Golden Girls-esque dress.


This luxe winter garb.

This drapy garnet top for Take Your Estranged Daughter to a Very Expensive Lunch Day:

This coat, with 2010 it bag.


This surprisingly tasteful and flattering dress.

This crepe robe, for coffee with the fam.

This dress, which, yet again, doesn’t seem like something you could sit down in.


This outfit, which for normal people would be a sweater and tights, but for Serena is a dress.

…with the addition of a suede, wool-lined cape and a huge bag.

This dress, with a sleeve/cape thing that is longer than the actual dress.

This outfit, which is weather-appropriate.

And this outfit, in which the only skin you can see is her face. Her clavicle probably had a panic attack.


The outfit from above, with the addition of some beads.

This super cleave-baring outfit, which — in her defense — she was originally going to wear to a nightclub, but then wore to the hospital while Dorota had her baby.

Also: Louboutins.

This dress and necklace, perfect for an evening out, or for lounging around your BFF’s house while she packs.



This adorable emerald Haute Hippie dress, which sadly was just part of a quick montage.

Serena in her natural state: without pants or a hairbrush.

The infamous cage dress, worn with comfortable-looking shoes.


The infamous Pants That Ate Paris, with one large-ass tote.

This less infamous jacket, borrowed from a Bob Fosse tribute, and no pants.


This gold jacket, this complicated hairstyle, and these screaming blue pants.

This bustier-shaped top, which looks oddly holographic.


This multiprint dress with a tote bigger than her torso.

This oddly proportioned…dress? Romper?…with vest and yet another torso-sized bag.

THIS DRESS worn to Fashion’s Night Out.

Remember Fashion’s Night Out? It was a bunch of super gimmicky in-store parties meant to raise profits. The booze flowed freely. Fun, but not terribly profitable. FNO GTFO just a few years later.

Worthy of note: People did not actually dress like this for FNO.

Followed up with this molded-cup nightie. Comfortable or no? Can’t decide.


This walk-of-shame outfit, which Serena deliberately wore for a walk in the park. A walk. In those shoes.

This dress, which appears to be missing several chunks of fabric.


This slightly too short vest-top-thing and a pair of oddly fitting shorts.

Plus Electric blue carry-all with practical side pockets.

And sweet little hair clip.

This oversize tunic, oversize jewelry, and oversized bag with peep-toe booties.

This very confusing dress… 

…with lovely orange heels and a big-ass bun.


This top and skirt, patterned with either scarab beetles or computer mice.

…and a happy face over her ladyparts.

This sexy Darth Vader costume.


This painterly, gauze-like dress with rocks and boobs.

This blazer and bodycon dress with rocks and boobs.


This sweater tucked into a scarf-like skirt, blazer, and enormous distressed leather bag.

This dress, which is in keeping with Blake Lively’s contract that states 80% of her outfits must show off her incredibly long legs.


This sequined sweater dress (sweater?), beaded lapel, and patterned tights.


This dress, which was part of some scheme where Jenny and Juliet (‘memba her?) also wore the same dress, and then Serena got drugged, and carried out of the party, and idk.



This cozy cardigan with leggings for a post-OD lounge sesh.


This brown sweater with subtle gold threading.


This flashback to BoardingSchool!Serena, dancing and serving absinthe.



More Boarding School Serena, with grey and black houndstooth tights, covetable navy bag, and cranberry penny loafers.


This olive coat with knitted heather grey shrug, a cream top burdened by a metallic breastplate, and an itty-bitty sequined skirt that’s not sure if it’s supposed to be gold or silver.



This embellished cardigan and classic tote.

This tasteful ensemble, worn solely to impersonate Lily.

Underneath: This structured blazer, black dress, and patterned tights.


This Fair Isle mesh top with typical too-short skirt and opaque black tights

This dark charcoal coat with a light gray chenille scarf and a bright purple python bag that I’d like to borrow/steal.

This form-fitting black chiffon dress with odd side cutouts and tumor-like item growing out of her halter top.


This grey vest-shrug, simple sea-green necklace, and subtly sparkly sequined skirt.

This cozy coat and scarf, with boots of perfection and Falchi bag.

This pink and sparkly Kaufmanfranco dress

This top, which from far away looks luxe, but up close resembles a tinfoil-on-paper masterpiece from first grade.


This “morning after” outfit.


This coat, which is either fabulous or a blanket.


This huge cowl neck sweater with sweater vest decked out in sequins.


This dress, which Serena changed into for afternoon-wear.


This dress, in which she was Old Hollywood elegant.

This lovely oversized scarf.


This charcoal sweater (or blazer) over a cobalt top.

This yummy cowl-neck cream sweater and itty bitty skirt.

This metallic jacket with a tank covered in paillettes.


This cream Elizabeth & James cardigan with marvelous royal blue suede boots.

Check out the back of her sweater.

This gorgeous bronze trench coat.

This outfit, which is either a dress or a top with trousers. And maybe a thumb hole?


This sweater, made from a grandmother’s afghan (not CeCe, obvs), plus maroon leggings.

This coat and large oxblood bag.

This drop-dead Old Hollywood ensemble.

Here’s the front, with a fur stole that is just a bit too much.

This coat, which looks like it might be molting.

This sweater, which perhaps got into a fight with an evil cappuccino machine.


This sensible yet sequined outfit with fun yellow bag.

This coat, which you might throw on when you have to walk your dog in a blizzard.

This pink party dress that’s about 75% perfect (I’m deducting 25 points for the ruffled bustle.


This reasonable blouse.

This ballet dress.


This airy and not-too-short dress, complimented with heavy necklaces and rings.

This frock, wherein half her torso is covered with about 25 brooches.


This coat, which I wished we could see more of, plus multi-patterned scarf, and Jenny from the Block earrings.

This skintight skirt with belted silk top, chunky bracelet, and tassel earrings.

These gladiators, an oversized Bottega, jean jacket, polka-dotted wrap, and surfer girl hair.


This maxi dress and stone necklace.

This airy wrap dress and TWO chunky necklaces, which are utterly unpractical for interning at a production company.

Yet another maxi dress and another turquoise necklace.



This skirt, which makes me very nervous about the wind.

This gorgeous pinky-raspberry jacket, with fun earrings.


This almost-demure floral dress and tan blazer with lady-who-lunches eggplant leather purse.

And four different necklaces.


This pumpkin-hued dress with stripes and a knit sweater.

This bum-hugging rose gold sequin skirt.


This tasteful turquoise top decorating with sequin chains.

…worn with a puffy macaron-baring skirt.

This outfit, which seems normal, but then you remember that she changed into this just to lounge around in bed reading scripts, and ain’t nobody but S.vdW puts on a giant bejeweled bracelet for lounging purposes.


This tank with cut-out back, and earrings reworked from one of Lily’s giant necklaces.

This bodycon dress that makes Blake look even itty-bittier than usual.

This pink cardi and nightgown, with necklaces.


This swingy high-waist skirt with wildly unflattering tank, and possibly a feather boa.

This military-flavored dress.


This marvelous green dress, which nicely toes the line between tailored and sexy.


This very strange dress, which appears to sport deflated panniers.


This scuba dress.

These necklaces, which preserve her modesty despite this dress’s best efforts.

So much 70s hair and a matte-sequin jumper.



This ombre Marchesa dress, in which she has literally wrapped up her boobs like a Christmas present.


ThisAlice + Olivia dress with embellished top and crazy tulle skirt which at first glance looks like a feathers.

This short, low-cut, sequined dress with bell sleeves.

And GORGE striped Marc Jacobs coat.


This ensemble, wherein she resembles a high end bag lady.

These geode earrings and sequined Marc Jacobs sweater with horrid mini.

This sheer Sam & Lavi floral blouse with pleated black skirt.


This Marilyn-inspired dream sequence gown.

This maternity top and sweater, worn for her best friend’s pre-wedding breakfast.

This bridesmaid gown for Blair’s wedding, where the real star is her voluminous updo.


This lace trench with young Bridgitte Bardot hair and makeup, and bridesmaid dress (still).


This plaid sweaterdress and bucket bag.

This striped sequin cardigan with five bracelets.


This scarf.

This dress, which makes us sad.


This yummy coat, complete with elbow patches.

This rather ho-hum good girl outfit, worn for CeCe’s wake.


This LBD, with interesting back.

This…this I can’t even talk about.

But this is lovely. Plaid coat and spike purse, please.


This beaded lampshade with leopard print top.

This simple black dress with patterned tights…

To-die-for art deco earrings…

…and no back.

This supposedly “scandalous” lingerie ensemble that Kiki de Montparnasse named after her. Serena showed more skin at a normal cocktail party.

This cute-enough striped top with mesh plaid skirt and green booties.


This mesh and lace top (dress?), and so many necklaces.

Yet another cream coat with oversized collar and luscious bag.

YET ANOTHER FAB CREAM COAT. Well, ok. It’s a cape.

This black beaded Temperley dress.


This truly spectacular scarf with divine ombre coat and questionable boots.

This ridiculously tight bandage dress.

This blue leopard scarf.


This watercolor floral nightwear.

This innocent ruffled dress.

This chic scarf.

This black dress, which is fighting the necklace for neckline real estate.


This outfit, stolen from a stylish production of Annie.

This outfit, worn when she was pretending to be Blair. Yes, that was a subplot to this episode. Or maybe the main plot? Who can remember?

This Blair-like dress, worn under the Blair-like coat.

This beige coat with coral scarf.


This macaron-baring skirt with deep neckline and yellow stilettos. Worn for day.

This black, yellow, and crazy-as-a-beehive getup.

This very short skirt with long jacket and blue heels.


This ridiculously pretty Jenny Packham gown.


These red pajamas with retro white piping.

No, not actually pajamas (Rag & Bone blouse).

This shut-the-front-door amazing electric blue Marc by Marc Jacobs dress with coral Louboutins and Fendi bag.

This unflattering blue-grey situation.

This vibrant Alice + Olivia top with Haute Hippie skirt.


This cool fit-and-flare navy dress with striped hem.

This familiar greige and sequins combo, with watercolor print skirt.


This wispy cocktail dress with purple pom-poms and bejewelled necklace, worn to watch the ponies.

This body-con dress.

This near-macaron-sighting.


This top, which has too much fabric in the front, and not enough on the sleeves.

With headband as a skirt.

This utterly marvelous black gown.


This animal print top, chunky necklace, and maroon cardigan.

With geometric Rag and Bone pants and brown boots.


This peignor set.

This bedazzled BDSM halter.

Just kidding. It’s a dress.

This see-through colorblock sweater with bold striped bag.


This outfit, made up of a Fair Isle cardigan, a Natori chemise, and a poofy leather skirt. This is how a four year old dresses themselves. I fully expected Serena to spread her arms, twirl, and proclaim “I dressed myself!”

This short flared sweaterdress with intricate embroidery.

Topped with this Anthropologie apron.


This casual braid with a respectable (yet interesting) top, and paperweight earrings.

And so, so much busyness below the waist.

Thank you for the test pattern opportunity, Gossip Girl. It appears that my monitor is working correctly.

This very autumnal leather trench and scarf.

This to DIE for mulberry coat with shades-of-Lily updo.

Plus legs for days:

Yet another overcoat, this time with military styling.

This stunner of a dress.


The fine-enough 3.1 Phillip Lim coat with questionable Missoni dress.

Paired with glitter Louboutins and striped tights. Please note: While she ended up wearing this to Blair’s wedding, she intended to wear them to a casz meeting with Dan.

Flashback! Here is a new flashback paired with an actual flashback to the pilot. Did they nail it?

Flash-forward! Serena got married in this dress.

Yes, that’s an enormous gold lamé Georges Chakra for a simple living room wedding.

And that’s what Serena wore.




(Check out !)















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