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Selena gomez body statistics 2018

Date: 14.11.2018, 11:55 / View: 94464

Those lucky enough to procure one of the 80,000 selena gomez body statistics 2018 golden tickets to the Super Bowl this February, will not only have to brave unruly fans, cold weather, and long lines for the bathroom, but the quest to look fashionable while adhering to the “clear 12 x6 x 12 purse” rules. (Click here for the official   Guys, a gallon size Ziploc might do the trick for you, but for us less practically minded, more fashionably inclined gals, it just won’t do.

What’s a girl to do?!

Ladies don’t fret and furrow your pretty brow, here are several crystal clear handbags that will keep you glam and stadium ready, that will even have the fashionistas nodding their approval.

Remember gals, if anyone asks, the Super Bowl is a football game. You’re welcome.

Super Bowl Fashion Tips: When a Ziploc just won't do!

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