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Salomon shoes 2018

Date: 21.10.2018, 06:36 / View: 71444

Whether you’ve been trail running for a long time or you’re new to this type of running, there’s one vital question to ask yourself. How do I know which shoes are the best pair for my feet and my needs?

What is trail running?

Let’s first define what trail running is. Trail running is a type of sport where you run or hike trails that are off the beaten tracks like mountainous, rocky and sometimes, even wet and muddy terrains depending on weather conditions.

This type of running involves plenty of ascents and descents. Compared to typical road running, trail running is more challenging because of the environment. Therefore, you also need a different kind of running shoes to get the most out of the sport.

Why buy a trail running shoes?

The design and build of trail running shoe usually feature tougher and aggressive outsoles to give you the grip that you need on rugged terrains.

There are also added protection for your foot and against the weather. For instance, if the shoes have rubber outsoles, then they are better for traction on mud, rocks or snow.

So if you know that you’re going to predominantly run on all kinds of off-road terrains, it makes perfect sense to invest in the best trail running shoes for 2018.

What to consider?

There are some key factors to consider before you can head further.

First, you need to ask what type of trail runner you want to be. Will you be racing or doing up-tempo runs or you’re only doing trail runs occasionally?

Second, what type of terrain will you be running on frequently? Will you be running on steep terrains or on wet, muddy off-road trails?

You also need to consider different types of trail shoes for men and women. The most common types include:


This type of trail running shoes are designed to give you a “barefoot” experience while you run. They have little to no cushioning on the outsole and minimal features so you can run the natural way.


If you’re looking for something lightweight and also classy then you need some low-profile shoes. These shoes have low heel-toe drop and offer a little more protection than the minimalist running shoes.


Most of the best trail running shoes for both women and men fall under this category. Standard trail running shoes featuring aggressive, tough outsoles complemented with cushioning in the heel and underfoot protection.

These shoes usually have higher heels and most trail runners find this type the most comfortable.


If you’re looking for a pair of shoe that offers the most cushioning, what you need is a maximalist type of trail shoes. These shoes are pretty massive because of the amount of foam embedded into the design.

Then you need to get really specific by looking at factors such as cushioning, weather protection, weight and soles. And don’t forget the price either. It’s important not to be a cheapskate but also without going overboard with your budget.

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