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Red wall room 2018

Date: 18.10.2018, 06:11 / View: 65244

As the first Pour Your Own establishment in Chicagoland, Red Arrow Tap Room is revolutionizing the restaurant industry. Located in downtown Elmhurst and Naperville, Red Arrow offers 48 self-serve taps featuring independent craft beer and cider.

Our technology lets patrons pour as much or as little as they want, charging by the ounce. Mouthwatering house-smoked barbecue and flatbread pizza can be ordered via tabletop tablets, and our innovative hospitality-included pricing model makes for a more pleasant and transparent customer experience. 

At Red Arrow, you have complete control red wall room 2018 over the dining experience. Never wait for service at the bar or table again!

How does it work?

Once we verify your age, we'll activate your Pour Pass, which is either linked to a credit card or prepaid. When the Pour Pass is inserted into the tap, a monitor displays available funds, and you'll be able to pour the beverage of your choice. Our app lets you reload your Pour Pass, as well as rate and share your favorites to the social beer site Untappd.

How does Red Arrow track alcohol consumption?

We're wall committed to safe and responsible alcohol consumption. After a specific amount of cumulative ounces have been poured, the Pour Pass is automatically disabled and the taps are shut off. A trained Red Arrow team member may reinstate pouring privileges after evaluating the party's sobriety.

Can I choose which beers come out of the tap?

Yes, that's the cool part! Pour any amount of beer you want, whether just a few sips or a whole glass. You can even mix and match beers to come up with a completely new concoction.

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