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Red lowlights in blonde hair 2018

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How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Changing your hair color can be easy and difficult in the same time, depending on what your actual shade is now. It is very hair easy to darken bright colors, but it is harder to lighten darker shades, especially if you had previously dyed your hair black. Black is a color that rarely goes out from your hair without some sort of damage. So, pick carefully and take in consideration these advices in choosing the right hair color for you.

Choose the right hair color by looking at:
1. The color of your skin:
– white skin: all shades of light blonde and medium blonde because dark color will make you pale and sometimes make you look ill;
– medium dark skin: all shades, here you can really pick whatever you want because your skin looks great with darker shades and doesn’t look funny with blonde shades;
– dark skin: shades of brown, red and black.
2. The color of your eyes: Usually you will take in consideration your skin color first, but for eyes, it looks better when the hair creates some sort of contrast with the actual color of your eyes and make them stand out.

– if you have natural hair almost every color will stick to it, it is very easy to lighten it and much easier to darken it;
– if you are a very light blonde, picking black might make it look greenish so be careful.;
– if you go from black to blonde with chemical lightening it might make it orange.

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