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Red interior design 2018

Date: 14.11.2018, 13:25 / View: 65274

Every year brings new ideas and new design styles.  2018 is exceptionally different because we’re seeing the past years of neutral walls, neutral furniture, neutral everything take a back set while we see boldness take over.  Everything from bold design colorful kitchens, to extra bold furniture and strong bold paint color choices.

1. Move Over White & Gray Kitchens

Good bye plain gray or plain white kitchens.  Hello white & blue kitchens, green kitchens, real wood kitchens  and YES even black kitchens!

White & Blue Kitchens















Two toned kitchens are becoming very popular for 2018.  Islands are getting special treatment and are being treated like furniture quite often being a different color than the rest of the kitchen.  The most popular two toned kitchen is currently white and some shade of blue.

Real Wood Kitchens




















Photo:  Better Homes & Gardens

Another trend you will see this year in kitchensis REAL wood kitchens.  Not the fake cheap builder grade wood-like kitchens of the past but real wood typically in a mid-tone.

Green Kitchens

Image result for green kitchens


Surprisingly, green kitchens are becoming very popular for 2018.  This green kitchen above is a DIY painted green kitchen cabinets.  The color complements the wood counter and floors beautifully.

Dark Kitchens

Image result for 2018 kitchen cabinet trends

Source: Unknown

Dark and even solid black cabinets are trending this year.  A dark kitchen may be fun at first, but homeowners may tire of this trend quickly.   It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts.

2. Bold Furniture

Good bye cream and gray furniture! Bold couches, accent chairs is a new thing.  The bolder the better. Green couches are hot this year – who knew???  If a big bold couch is too much for you, accent chairs in a different color are a nice way of getting a bold pop of color without over committing like a couch.

Roberta Chesterfield Sofa




Blush Pink is hitting the design world by storm this year.  It’s taking its normal spot in almost every girl’s room but its also making a statement in living rooms and other areas in the home. Some like it in small doses such as decorative cushions and accents, whereas the more brave will actually paint their walls with this adorable color or even purchase furniture in this shade.

3. Bold Paint Choices

For the past couple of years, the paint companies have been gently pushing us out of our comfort zone moving us away from our neutral grays and neutral beiges.  This year they weren’t so subtle.  They shoved us out of the nest with Pantone announcing Ultra-Violet red interior design 2018 as their Color of the Year and Benjamine Moore announcing Caliente as their 2018 Color of the Year.

As beautiful as they bold rooms are, an entire room might be too much.  A beautiful bold accent wall in a kitchen, dining room or kitchen would be a great addition to a room, or a bold powder room is always fun when you walk into this space and get a surprise.

Bathroom decor ideas: purple paint and chandelier

Source: Unknown – who designed this stunning bathroom?

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Ultra-Voilet

A contemporary dining room features a bold red accent wall with modern furnishings and fixtures.

Photo: 2018 Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year Caliente

An accent wall is a nice way of adding a bold pop of color without the total commitment of a bold room.


Dark navy and black are also other bold colors that you will see adorn walls this year.

 4. Textures, textures & more textures

This texture trend that started last year is continuing into 2018.

If you don’t want to go for the bold colored couches to make a statement, adding textures, mixing up textures and layering is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to turn a plain neutral colored  sofa or a chair into a bold and interesting statement. Don’t be afraid to add lots of different kinds of textured cushions, layer a rug, throw in some tall interesting plants, and don’t forget the throws.

wooden woven accent chair and potted cactus // Love the mix of textures here from the wood to shag carpet
















Photo:    Designer: Shelby Girard



IKEA Area Rugs


These spaces show that adding lots of different textures, layering rugs, interesting curtains, wood furniture accents is eye candy for the eye making a regular ho-hum space very inviting.

5.  Brass is Back!

Some people have mixed feelings about brass being back in style.  When they think of brass, they think of the really shiny yellow brass of before.  But the brass of today is toned down, not so “yellow” and very sophisticated in style.  You will see these new style of brass adorning many kitchens and bathrooms.

Designer Allison Wilson’s third-floor bathroom has a charming look thanks to a restored vintage bathtub and traditional antiqued-brass fixtures. | Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Designer:  Allison Wilson’s third floor bathroom

Photographer:  Angus Ferguson

Photo:  Courtesy of House & Home


So what 2018 trend are you going to try in your home this year?


Debi Carser, Designer, Stager, Aging In Place SpecialistI’m Debi Carser.  Designer. Stager. Project Manager. Downsizing Seniors & Aging-In-Place Specialist.  For over 12 years I have been helping hundreds of clients decorate their home to make it stunning retreat or have staged clients staged their home to make it stunning and help them earn money beyond their expectations. I have bought several “fixer uppers” and either flipped them for a healthy profit or turned them into profitable rental properties. Come follow me as I share my tips & secrets along the way.



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