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Keep reading for a special offer! Are you holding off holiday purchases for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Honestly, the only way I would buy anything right now from an online retailer is if they were giving me an advance Black Friday / open back prom dresses tumblr 2018 Cyber Monday sale of at least 60% off, and indicating that they will not be going this low on Black Friday. 

So, maybe you want to do the same thing. Why make your customers wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday when you want those sales NOW, as well as get their spending dollars BEFORE they blow it all on Black Friday (and at someone else’s shop). 

Therefore, I would consider emailing your customers this week with a special Customer-Only “Advance” Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale that is a ONE-DAY only offer, better than anything you will be offering on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, guaranteed. 

Again, the offer has to be amazing for people to go for it. On Black Friday customers are expecting offers of 40%, 50%, 60% off. Now, this might scare you, but hopefully you will make it up on volume if your profit margins are good. Otherwise, you have a couple of options:

  • Slightly raise your prices so that you can offer these types of deep discounts. 
  • Tie the offers to volume purchases only i.e. Buy any 3 Items and Get 40% Off, any 5 and get 60% Off”. 

The point is, you want the offer to be so irresistible that you will get those sales NOW, and not have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday when customers might not have as much money left to spend at your store.

In your email header to customers, be sure to use a mix of upper and lower case words along with some holiday emojis in order for it to get noticed, for example:


If it goes well, extend it one more day and tell your customers that they can pass the offer along to their friends and family, to broaden your reach.

So don’t sit around waiting for the end of November, jump the gun on your competitors and get those sales NOW.

📣BY THE WAY, get my best selling , today only!


If you have 30 minutes I can tell you why with my One-on-One Phone Consultation. I will also tell you what you need to do to change it and answer any other questions you may have. You can order my from my Selz Shop. Please keep in mind that the wait time is typically 7 business days as this is my most popular service. Customers have asked me why I do not offer this service on Etsy and it is because this type of service is against their rules. If you do not want to order through Selz, just contact me at attentiongetting{at}gmail.com and you can order via a PayPal invoice.

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Black Friday Marketing Ideas Etsy ShopIf you plan on offering a Black Friday (Nov 23) and/or Cyber Monday (Nov 26) sale at your Etsy shop, then I highly recommend that you invest in an affordable ad graphic that you can use in your Etsy shop, in your emails and on social media to really help drive traffic. For example, this Black Friday ad graphic from the Etsy shop, is just and it has so many uses, just keep reading.

Tips for Your Black Friday Ads

  • Include the ad graphic as one of your Etsy product photos (even asking people to pin, etc.) and/ or use it as your shop view image for one of your listings, just for the day.
  • Put the ad graphic in your Etsy shop banner and Facebook banners.
  • Use the ad graphic as your Etsy avatar and social media avatars for the day.
  • Ask all friends and family to post the ad graphic on their social media sites.
  • Use the ad graphic as a one-day ad on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • When posting it on social media include hash tags such as #blackfriday2018, #blackfridaysale, #blackfridayshopping, #blackfridaydeals.
  • Make the ad graphic front and center in your email to customers as well as part of your email signature.
  • Print out business cards with the ad graphic on one side and your shop information on the other and leave on car windshields at the malls.

What Sells Big on Black Friday?

Want to know one of the most popular items for people to buy on Black Friday? Engagement rings!  This is due to the fact that Black Friday is predominantly seen as a time to get an amazing deal on those high ticket items (TVs, tires, iPhones) and engagement rings are a high ticket item. Also, 80% of all engagements occur between Christmas and January 1st so the timing is right.

Therefore, if you sell engagement rings, I would consider offering a significant Black Friday sale (it can’t be 10%, that just won’t cut it) and start promoting it now in your Etsy shop banner, shop announcement and email marketing to current customers (they can pass the offer along to friends and family). You might need to have some rings that are ready to ship if they are planning a holiday proposal.

WANT MORE? Get more great ideas to drive traffic and sales to your Etsy shop in my best selling 

Marketing Strategy & Business Consulting

GB OliverSince 2010 I have advised thousands of small businesses and I can help yours too. My very affordable marketing consultations provide advice, feedback, direction and an experienced second opinion on any of your business struggles or questions. 

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved. 

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How big is Halloween? Well, it generated over billion in revenue last year in the US alone, so pretty big. Therefore, I thought you might want to know what the top 50 Halloween products are that people are searching for, and it is not just costumes and candy. It really does cross over into every product category from wedding dresses to mugs to headbands.

If you don’t sell any of the products below, you can at very least try to take advantage of all the searches for “Halloween Gifts” (#39).


  1. Halloween costumes
  2. Halloween decorations
  3. Halloween couples costumes 
  4. Halloween baby costumes 
  5. Halloween makeup
  6. Halloween dog costumes   
  7. Halloween masks 
  8. Halloween candy 
  9. Halloween clipart
  10. Halloween cupcakes / cookies
  11. Halloween shirts
  12. Halloween inflatables
  13. Halloween wreaths
  14. Halloween lights
  15. Halloween door decorations
  16. Halloween dresses
  17. Halloween trees
  18. Halloween leggings
  19. Halloween invitations
  20. Halloween yard decorations
  21. Halloween wigs
  22. Halloween socks   
  23. Halloween clothes
  24. Halloween onesie
  25. Halloween shower curtain
  26. Halloween party decorations
  27. Halloween vintage decorations
  28. Halloween pet costumes
  29. Halloween cards
  30. Halloween treat bags
  31. Halloween signs
  32. Halloween backdrops
  33. Halloween bags
  34. Halloween banners / garlands
  35. Halloween headbands
  36. Halloween stickers
  37. Halloween stencils
  38. Halloween candles
  39. Halloween gifts
  40. Halloween wedding dresses
  41. Halloween cookie cutters
  42. Halloween window clings
  43. Halloween earrings
  44. Halloween mugs
  45. Halloween goodie bags
  46. Halloween gifts
  47. Halloween table runner
  48. Halloween birthday invitations
  49. Halloween centerpieces
  50. Halloween tree decorations


  • If you sell on Etsy, be sure to make Halloween products your 5 Featured Listings and even consider a separate shop section (move to the top of sections) for Halloween items.
  • Heighten your SEO with certain adjectives buyers tend to use such as scary Halloween masks, cute Halloween shirts, black and orange Halloween wreaths and funny Halloween cards.
  • People also search for decor and other items by the Halloween motif with the most popular being skulls, skeletons, witches, spiders, clowns and black cats. Hocus Pocus is also a popular Halloween search for certain items.

Marketing Strategy & Business Consulting

GB OliverSince 2010 I have advised thousands of small businesses and I can help yours too. My very affordable marketing consultations provide advice, feedback, direction and/or an experienced second opinion on any of your business struggles or questions. 

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved. 

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Want to quickly add more listings to your Etsy shop? Try adding listings that are SETS of products. Not perfectly matchy-matchy sets, but try coordinated sets. For example, I saw this art print set below being offered on Nordstrom where you get 5 different prints in 3 different sizes but all in the same color scheme (there are a few shops on Etsy doing this as well).

Every time I critique an Etsy shop I encourage the shop to include listings that are sets. Not only do you sell more products at one time to one customer, but customers are looking for the convenience of you doing the “decorating” for them because many buyers just do not know how to coordinate items together.

This same strategy can be applied to jewelry (sets of stud earrings are always in demand), fashion accessories, throw pillows, baby items, personalized gifts, wreaths, beauty products, greeting cards, seasonal (fall set) and holiday items (Halloween set). Again, the goal is to not just put matching items together but rather like-minded or coordinated items together.


For example, if you sell trays, create a listing that is three trays in three different sizes because people have different uses for trays.

If you sell dish towels, sell a set that says “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday” etc. (which also helps you know how long you’ve been using a dish towel).

If you sell Apple watch bands, sell a set in 3 different colors so the customer can swap out and change up their look. Get creative!

Now, there are also gift set listings and if you don’t have at least one listing that is a gift set in your shop right now you are missing out on a big opportunity. What are the most popular gift sets according to Google?


  1. Makeup Gift Sets
  2. Women Gift Sets / Men Gifts Sets (tied)
  3. Tea Gift Sets
  4. Wine Gift Sets
  5. Liquor / Christmas Gift Sets (tied)
  6. Coffee / Candle / Bath / Nail Polish Gift Sets (tied)
  7. Beauty Gift Sets
  8. Hot Chocolate Gift Sets
  9. Baby Boy / Skin Care Gift Sets (tied)
  10. Spices Gift Set

So you can see that gift sets are very popular for the food, beauty and baby market, but when I checked Amazon searches, I saw there were also searches for gift sets for: art, kitchen, mugs, Harry Potter, Halloween, home, notebooks, socks, toys, dorm room and watches. 

hot tip

By the way, have you heard about “5 Senses Gifts? This is a rising search on Google and the idea is to give a gift set that appeal’s to a person’s sense of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. Might be something to think about. 


Just declared a “Best Seller” by Etsy, my  has over 65 tips to drive holiday sales at your Etsy Shop. Read more about it at my Etsy Shop .

If you would like an, read more.

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It is not too early to start thinking about the holiday buying season, and no matter what you sell, if you can incorporate at least one holiday theme product, you will open yourself up to way more sales opportunities. Below are some interesting Christmas product ideas and trends for 2018 that might present your shop with potential new sales opportunities.

Flat Christmas Trees

Dorm rooms and apartments have limited space so a trend is to have a flat Christmas tree that hangs on the wall (the front door as well). A flat Christmas tree could be made out of wood, metal, fabric, crochet or paper. It also needs flat ornaments to go on it, so there are many product opportunities here!

Christmas Wall Murals

Temporary holiday theme wall murals are fast becoming a popular way to decorate a child’s room, nursery or dining room, just for the holiday season. Holidays decals for cars is a cute idea as well.


Chunky Knit Tree Skirts

Didn’t the chunky blanket pretty much originate on Etsy? Well now a version to be used as your Christmas tree skirt will give your home that cozy, rustic feel.

Christmas Song Lyrics Signs

Stylish farmhouse-style signs with Christmas song lyrics that still match your decor will be popular this year. The Christmas song lyric trend can also apply to glassware, serveware, linens, pillows and other home decor items.

Personalized Santa Door Signs

Isn’t everything personalized these days? Door signs that remind Santa to stop at your house are now updated with the names of children living at that house for a fun touch and cute gift idea.


Other Holiday Product Ideas

For those of you with a pet shop, why not create an advent calendar for dogs or cats, filled with treats for each day. Advent calendars were one of the most searched items on Etsy last year. For those shops that sell baby clothes, what about a onesie that says, “My 1st Santa Photo” to capture that traditional holiday moment.

Whether you sell jewelry, decor, kids products, beauty products, food, art or printables, there are many so opportunities to create Christmas-theme or holiday-theme products if you just get creative!


Get more hot tips in my  out now! You’ll love it, packed with over 65 tips, tricks and ideas to get the most out of your holiday sales season. Read more about it at my Etsy Shop.


Congratulations to one of my long time customers,  as I was so happy to see that her beautiful bath and body products are now being carried by the store,

Also, remember how HGTV Magazine used one of my customer’s address signs in a feature in their June issue? Well they did it again this month! Congratulations to Jessica of  who will again be in the magazine’s September issue.

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved. 

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If you haven’t started preparing for the holiday buying season, you better get going! Today, I have just released my for Etsy Shops and it is packed with over 65 of my tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of your holiday sales. Below is a sneak peak!

5 Ideas from My 2018 Holiday Sales Planner

1. Starting in September (or right now if you wish) include a flyer and/or coupon in all customer packages encouraging customers to come back to your store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, coupons and offers.

2. Use popular search phrases for various holiday buying occasions in your titles and tags, if they apply, such as white elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, dirty Santa gifts, advent calendar fillers and 12 days of Christmas gifts.

3. Add holiday theme photos (like I did below) to your regular product photos as Etsy loves to use these types of images on their social media pages and on their home page. You can purchase these types of backgrounds on Etsy or Creative Market. 

4. I highly recommend that you run Etsy Promoted Listings during the peak gift buying time of October 22nd to December 23rd. Only go as late as December 23rd if you have priority shipping and can get those orders there next day.

5. August is the time to be sending out your submissions for holiday gift guides for print magazines. When emailing out pitches, the email subject line should read: “Product Submission for 2018 Holiday Gift Guides”. Send out pitches to blogs for their gift guides in early October. 

My is a 5-page printable PDF and is priced ridiculously low at just. It is available now for download at my.


I always believe if you put good out, good comes back and I recently had a customer take the time to write me the nicest email that I have to share (I swear I didn’t write it:). I hope you’ll check out her shop:

“Just gotta tell ya. I have spent a ton of money with online educators and today I spent before I got out of bed. 8 DOLLARS and your  gave me more quick, to the point, info I CAN REALLY USE than all the others put together! I’m a busy girl juggling a lot of balls and don’t have time to work my way through pages and pages of workbooks. I need marketing info for my online retail and wholesale jewelry business and I need it NOW. My and YOUR ebook gave me quick, precise, before not seen anywhere, info I can use TODAY! And thank you again for giving me the Best I’ve ever spent!” – Sassie Grissom, .

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved.

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If you thought your sales were slow in July, relax, August is here and presenting your store with quite a few sales opportunities before the big holiday buying season starts in October.

Top Back to School Searches

Did you know that by August 12th back to school searches have peaked, so get going. Top searches this year, in order of popularity:

  1. Back to school supplies
  2. Back to school clothes
  3. Back to school back packs
  4. Back to school shoes
  5. Back to school bulletin boards
  6. Back to school images
  7. Back to school coloring pages
  8. Back to school crafts
  9. Back to school signs

Top searches for backpacks 2018: fornite backpack, bulletproof backpack, unicorn backpack, small backpack, clear backpack, cat backpack.

A lot of people also search “first day of school” with the top searches being:

  1. First day of school signs
  2. First day of school outfits
  3. First day of school printables

Top Dorm Decor Searches

The college crowd cares a lot about how their dorm room looks, so searches for the following dorm decor-related products peak from August 6th to 26th. Top searches this year, in order of popularity:

  1. Dorm decor  
  2. Dorm bedding  
  3. Dorm chairs 
  4. Dorm essentials
  5. Dorm furniture  
  6. Dorm headboards  
  7. Dorm rugs  
  8. Dorm wall decor  
  9. Dorm lights  
  10. Dorm tapestries  
  11. Dorm storage  
  12. Dorm desk  

Top searches for dorm tapestries 2018: marble dorm tapestry, bible verse dorm tapestry, tie dye dorm tapestry, boho dorm tapestry. 

Top Fall Product Searches

Searches for fall-related products start in mid August and peak by September 23rd. Top searches this year, in order of popularity:

  1. Fall dresses
  2. Fall wreaths
  3. Fall wedding guest dresses
  4. Fall jackets
  5. Fall sweaters
  6. Fall outdoor decor
  7. Fall pillows
  8. Fall porch decor
  9. Fall table decor
  10. Fall wedding decor
  11. Fall signs
  12. Fall shirts
  13. Fall garden flags
  14. Fall dog collars

Top searches for fall dresses 2018long sleeve fall dresses, casual fall dresses, cocktail fall dresses, maternity fall dresses, floral fall dresses, maxi fall dresses, plus size fall dresses, fall sweater dresses. 

If you are running ads on Etsy, Amazon or Google, you are best to spend your ad dollars this month promoting any of the above products (if you sell them).

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I was looking through the new product arrivals at  – who is always on the cusp of innovation – and I noticed a few reoccurring themes. So consider these my hot product trends July 2018 edition.

Hot Product Trends #1 – Llamas

Hot Product Trends July 2018

Yes, llamas are suddenly every where and not exclusive to kid’s products. They are on underwear, pyjamas, purses, shoes, make up bags – you name it.

Hot Etsy Llama Searches: llama decor, llama pin, llama gifts, llama pillow, llama wedding cake topper, llama shirt, llama print, llama journal, llama badge reel. 

Hot Product Trends #2 – Tassels

Hot Product Trends July 2018

The tassel trend has been going on for awhile and is not letting up. Stick a tassel on almost any product and it is in vogue. From key chains to earrings to backpacks to table runners, tassels are not going out of style anytime soon.

Hot Etsy Tassel Searches: tassel earrings, tassel banner, tassel garland, tassel necklace, tassel hoop earrings, bedding with tassels, curtain with tassels, pillow with tassels, belt with tassels, table runner with tassels. 

Hot Product Trends #3 – Watermelon

Hot Product Trends July 2018

From its unique slice shape to its fun red, pink and green color palette, product designers are using a watermelon motif in every way shape and form for decor, kids, jewelry and more. The scent and flavor is also big in beauty products.

Hot Etsy Watermelon Searches: watermelon birthday invitation, watermelon shirt, watermelon outfit, watermelon romper, watermelon banner, watermelon dog collar, watermelon slime, watermelon earrings, watermelon soap. 

Remember, sometimes having just one product in your shop that is based on a current trend can be helpful in terms of getting publicity (blogs only want to write about what is current) and in terms of capitalizing on popular search phrases.

❤️ Be sure to check out my other blog

New Service!

Products are really my specialty, so if you worry that your products are not competitive or sales have fallen off, consider my new  service. I have helped many shops identify new product opportunities that have proved to be very profitable.

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved. 

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You likely know that the gift market, depending on what you sell, can be a large source of your revenues. Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to know the types of gifts and gift recipients that people are searching for that might carve out more a niche for you to target in this highly competitive market.

For example, did you know that there are 18,000 Google searches every month for gift for a 10-year-old-boy? Buyers are getting more specific about who they are searching for, what they are searching for and the gifting occasion allowing you to zero in on search phrases that still have a lot of traffic but not as much competition.

Comparing Google “Gift” Searches:

  • Gift for teacher (33,100 monthly searches) vs Gift for teacher at end of year (12,100 monthly searches)
  • Housewarming gift (49,500 monthly searches) vs Housewarming gift for man (4,400 monthly searches)
  • Gift for woman (27,100 monthly searches) vs Gift for woman who has everything (2,900 monthly searches)

You will see that people also search this way on Etsy and Amazon. Better to get some traffic than none at all as the competition on the major search phrases is just so high.

More Search Opportunities:

Adding in one little word can also open you up to new search opportunities. A lot more people are doing voice searches so the search will be phrased a little differently and in a lot more detail. For example, while there is a ton of competition for the search phrase, “Gift for wife“ with 14,800 searches each month, there is a lot less competition but still good traffic for “Gift for my wife” at 1,900 monthly searches. Again, you will see that people also search this way on Etsy and Amazon.

In fact, if you go over to Amazon, and use their autocomplete feature, you will see that instead of just searching on “gift for dad“, by simply adding “who“ after, you see all of these popular searches that customers are also using:

  • Gifts for dad who has everything
  • Gifts for dad who fishes
  • Gifts for dad who likes to cook 
  • Gifts for dad who travels
  • Gifts for dad who golfs
  • Gifts for dad who grills

So instead of just going after the most popular gift search phrases that have TONS of competition, focus in and start compiling gift search phrases for more niche targets as Christmas is only 183 days away!

🎁 FREE List of the Top Christmas Gift Searches!

If you have ever purchased any of my services or even one of my ebooks, you get my list of the Top 280 Google Christmas Searches for FREE. This extensive list will help you to discover the right search phrases to use for product titles and tags, as searching tends to be similar on Google, Amazon and Etsy. Plus, if you are running Google Shopping Ads, it really  helps to know the search phrases that will get the most impressions. If you would like it, just email me at attentiongetting[at]gmail.com. Again, this is an exclusive offer just for my customers as it is my way of showing my appreciation for their support.

Have you checked out my other blog, ? On this blog I promote some very cool products from my customers. Again, if you have ever purchased any of my services or even one of my ebooks, feel free to email me a link to one (1) cool product for consideration at attentiongetting[at]gmail.com.

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If you think publicity can’t help your Etsy shop, guess again. One of my long time customers, Jessica from, just got featured in the June issue of HGTV magazine!

So, how can she leverage this press to increase sales, give her shop even more trust and credibility with buyers, as well as possibly turn it into more press?

How to Maximize Your Press

  • Add the magazine image to her Etsy photos on every listing, not just for the address plaque shown here. 
  • Mention the publicity in her listing description… “As seen in the June 2018 issue of HGTV magazine….”
  • Mention it in her Etsy shop banner. 
  • Mention it in her Etsy shop announcement.
  • Mention it in her Etsy shop updates.
  • Post it to her social media sites and tag @Etsy in hopes they see it and repost. 
  • Thank @HGTV on all of her social media sites in hopes that they repost the mention.
  • Mention it in the banner for her Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • If HGTV posts it to their social media sites, be sure to comment on the posts.
  • Email it to all of her customers on her mailing list.
  • Reference the mention when trying to get future publicity for her shop.
  • Email Etsy’s press team in hopes that they mention it at .

If you need a pitch written for your products, I do offer a very affordable service. Remember, print media will be looking for 2018 holiday gift guide submissions starting in July!

© 2018 Gail Oliver. All rights reserved.

publicity helps etsy shop


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I'm Gail Oliver and since 2010 I have advised thousands of small businesses and I can help yours too. My very affordable marketing consultations provide advice, feedback, direction and/or an experienced second opinion on any of your business struggles or questions. See my SERVICES pages above for more information.

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