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Taylor Swift leaked

The private photo above of Taylor Swift giving a man a blowjob has just been leaked online.

Taylor recently had a very public and acrimonious split with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, but Harris denies being the source of this leaked photo… Yet he neither confirmed nor denied that it is him getting his pole tongue polished by Taylor in this leaked pic.

This type of thing was bound to happen to Taylor Swift, for she is a tremendous whore and terrible at breaking up with her boyfriends. In fact, with all the hurt feelings and gigabytes of nude photos and sex videos of her on all of her ex-boyfriends’ cell phones, it is remarkable that more on these sort of leaks haven’t occurred. Perhaps Taylor’s current boyfriend actor Tom Hiddleston will leak a video of her gagging on his meat stick when she inevitably unceremoniously dumps him, but seeing as he is a foppish British Nancy Boy we are more likely to get a video of him gagging on her big black strap-on.

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