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Human brain images 2018

Date: 16.10.2018, 23:35 / View: 32354

Printed Atlas (4th edition)

New features of the 4th edition (2016):

  • extensively expanded (from 271 to 456 pages)
  • surface anatomy with sulci and gyri indicated
  • all sections represent the complete hemisphere in standard stereotaxic space
  • major fiber tracts identified and cytoarchitecture included
  • mapping of cortex areas and linear representation of the cortex (“stripes”)
  • horizontal (axial) and sagittal planes
  • thalamus and hypothalamus at higher detail
Brain in the Head
Brain in the Head

  • Brain with its natural surrounding sectioned in all cardinal planes is shown in three macroscopic atlases.
  • Each Atlas consists of serial 1-cm thick sections cut either in the horizontal (axial), coronal, or sagittal plane.
  • The Atlas plates include X-ray images of the cadaver sections and MR-images from a healthy volunteer at corresponding levels.
Sectional Anatomy
Sectional Anatomy

The interactive brain atlas shows sections and provides location and names of all major structures and subdivisions of the brain. Contains an alphabetical list of structures and search functionality in several languages. Sections in high resolution are offered as images and in the virtual microscope.

Coming soon: access to a brain-structure database.

BrainNavigator / BrainLocator

BrainNavigator (Java program, available from the Atlas DVD): Interactive navigation through the segmented brain volume in three orthogonal slice dimensions with linked crosshair cursors.

Brain-Locator (Java applet, freely accessible from the website): Offers a subset of functions from the Brain Navigator. Functional data (e.g.fMRI) can be imported and superimposed on the orthogonal slices.

3D Model
3D Views of the Human Brain

Most of the subcortical structures have been reconstructed on the basis of the illustrated sections. Whenever necessary, information from the extensive literature pertaining to the Atlas Brain was integrated.

3D Volume Reconstructions
3D Volume Reconstructions

Sections are presented in the standard stereotaxic space. Detailed delineations are shown in the context of cyto- and myeloarchitecture. These include cortex areas that are buried in cortical folds and the relevant subcortical structures.

  • sulcal and gyral anatomy
  • Surface models of subcortical structures
Transformation of the Atlas to any individual MR-image dataset
Transformation of the Atlas to any individual MR-image dataset

The automatic transformation procedure retaines the high original resolution by MRI. Because the transformation matrix is known, any point within the MR-brain can be correlated to the atlas brain and the corresponding coordinates can be used for intra- and extramural communication.

Virtual Microscopy
Virtual Microscopy

Weigert (myelin) and Nissl (cell) stained sections are presented for orientation in low resolution, but optionally in high magnification for microscopy.

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