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Hair color blonde ombre 2018

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November 7, 2018   Hair Color Ideas

A few things that you can see in the upcoming seasons are the sweaters, sweaters and again sweaters. But it is time to forget about sweaters, let’s just enjoy a new hair color, that is more than a shade. It is a definition of hair color blonde ombre 2018 femininity and gorgeousness. Meet Vanilla lilac hair color that is considered to be one of the most Nobel shades of 2019. Read on to get everything you would like to know about this light and ultra-feminine trend. The Details About the Shade

Well, In fall and winter everyone likes to darken their hair according to the mood of the season. Well, having dark hair is not bad, but not a must as well. You can keep it light or dark the choice is up to you.

November 3, 2018  

Sometimes we want to color our hair without those damaging chemicals and bleaching sessions, or we want to have this or that color just for several days. Due to modern coloring techniques, it is really possible. So, we have done our own research in order to represent all those amazing methods that you can use to color your strands. If you are invited to a special event, it is a great chance for you to pop up with a new hair color. If you are ready, then let’s start. Hair Mascara 

Just to remind you about hair mascaras, we will take you back to ’90s when women were able to color their locks with a flick of a wand. Luckily, this method is still in use. You can go as light as you want, or keep things subtle. Note that you can get pastels as well. You will definitely love the look of thin pastels throughout your hair. Indeed, this technique is totally harmless. 

October 27, 2018  

There are some terms in hair coloring that only hair colorists may understand and foilyage is one of them. The technique combines foils and balayage. This technique is the best for women who want to get that sun-kissed effect right throughout the locks. Luckily this technique can be applied differently so everyone can get the effect. So whether you are a brunette, blonde or redhead, you need to check these foilage hair colors for 2019. Read to know more about your favorite hair colors. Copper Foilyage Hair Color 

Combining this technique with the latest hair color such as copper will provide you with the trendiest look ever. You have a chance to bring out those fiery hues with some flaming foils of the color. The advantage of rocking it is that you will have a natural-looking appearance. Indeed, to get a look like this your hair colorist needs to be professional. If you love it, just take the picture and go to get the copper foilyage without spending a minute.  

October 20, 2018  ,,

Regardless of your preferences, you always have something to choose from a wide range of shades from fall and winter color palettes. If you are here it means you know that a hair color defines your nature, so choosing something that is yours is crucial. I should mention that we have included some ideas for bold girls as well. If you are ready to check the pictures that we have included, then let’s not waste even a second. We hope that you will like the looks that we have selected for you, taking runway models as the best inspiration.Neon Hair Colors 

Whether you are impressed or not but neon hair colors are trendy like nothing else. Particularly, pastel neon is having a moment right now. The look is maybe hard to get but it is hard not to love is as well. This year we can see that neon pastels are paired with bold bobs. The tasteful look created by the trends is nothing but chic. If you are a bold girl then you should definitely try this version of boldness. 

October 13, 2018  ,,,

When we were about thinking that there couldn’t be anything new, Instagram bloggers popped up with a new trend that is no less impressive. If you are ready to see the new trend, then meet flannel: the newest hair color of 2019. This fabulous trend is for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Check the pictures to get a better idea about it. Mulled Wine Hair Color 

We offer you to brighten up your mulled wine mane, with some incredible bold tones of fire. These tones will not only provide with a whole new hair color but also add extra dimension and texture to your hair. It is a great idea for those that are into red hues. The best thing about all these is that it is a totally no-commitment look. Don’t hesitate to try it for this fall. 

September 29, 2018  ,,,

Metallic hair colors are not for faint-hearted ladies. This trend has been popularized by Instagram beauty bloggers and trendsetters. Metallic hair coloring technique is a way to introduce some serious changes in your overall look. You can play up with the shades and add extra shine to your hair. You can start with the cold shades of rose and go to platinum blonde but keep in your mind that you can hardly achieve the shades with conventional hair cosmetics. In order to inspire you, we have put together incredible metallic hair colors for fall– get ready to blow others’ mind.Metallic Rose Gold 

Let’s start with this metallic rose gold that is considered as one of the most feminine hair trends that you can wear in every season of the year. The rich rose gold combines two different shades and looks luxurious and elegant. The color is exceptionally beautiful on women with tan skin tone. However, it is still necessary to consult with your hairstylist before rocking the shade. 

September 22, 2018  ,,

Overgrown hair roots are still in trend. The combinations of various fun shades with natural roots are nothing but chic. Women are eager for the style because of its low-maintenance. They don’t need to think about popped-up or so-called unpleasant roots. Grown-out roots are no more a sign of untidiness and they work for everyone, regardless of the age, natural hair color, and complexion. If you like to follow fashion trends, then it is the highest moment to stop dying your roots. Check these amazing shadow roots and incredible hair colors and find your inspiration. Shadow Roots and Balayage Hair 

The combination of this technique and shadow roots looks very attractive and it is not surprising that beauty bloggers are in love with the style. This option is ideal to characterize the flattering transition from the dark roots to the light hair towards the tips. So, all those ladies that are looking for something like this, need to avoid drastic transition from dark to light. Balayage is the best solution. 

September 15, 2018  ,,

Light brown hair color is never outdated. If you were born with a light brown hair then it is a true blessing, otherwise, you may easily achieve the shade with modern hair color kits. There is literally everything for everyone. The various undertones of light brown can be fitted to different skin tones and eye-colors. Following ideas for light brown hair colors in 2019 will definitely inspire you and help you find the best shade for the upcoming seasons.  Check the pictures and find the best solution for you.Warm-Toned Brown Waves

These waves are amazing all the way up. The key to this flattering look is the color-blend. It is a result of chocolate browns and honey undertones. All you need to do is to ask your hair colorist for this color-blend and correctly placed hair highlights all over your strands. Finish the look with waves as they always come in handy to display these astonishing undertones.

September 8, 2018  ,,

Age is nothing when you have a young spirit. There are many ways to accentuate it and a hair color or haircut is just one of them. Women who are already 50, have many hair color options to rock- from dark to light. So here we have prepared some examples of incredible hair colors for women over 50 to inspire them. Just fallow us, to see all those pictures you want to see. Bronze Chocolate Hair Color 

Perhaps bronze chocolate is one of the most popular shades among mature women. It seems the best to flatter their face. Even though bronze highlights make it a bit difficult to maintain for brunettes, but it is still great to warm up the complexion flatteringly. The best thing is that it looks great with any hairstyle and haircut. If you are over your 50s then you need to try this shade. 

July 28, 2018  ,,,

Indeed, pastels and unnatural hues are still in the mainstream, but there are women that will never give up on natural-looking hair colors. I should admit that these shades have never been outdated. Thus, we have followed  and decided to reveal the trendiest natural shades of this summer. In case if you are planning to go for changes and you are not into unnatural or bright tones, check this amazing list of natural-looking blonde and brown hues.Sandy Brown Hair Colors 

You should definitely take your next hair color inspiration from sand, golden and caramel brown tones. Here is the greatest inspiration. This summer hair color is just effortless and carefree. It is a great hair color solution for brunettes with medium-length hair. As you can see the brown plays nicely with golden brown hues and these two shades create a beautiful and ethereal look. 

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