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Gossamer dress 2018

Date: 18.10.2018, 07:27 / View: 83342

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WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2018:

Principal Translations gossamer (thin, light fabric) gasa   The fairy queen's dress was made of shimmering gossamer.   El vestido de la reina de las hadas estaba hecho de una gasa reluciente. gossamer (fine cobweb) telaraña   Ashley brushed the gossamer from her face as she climbed into the attic.   Ashley se quitó la telaraña de la cara conforme subía al ático. gossamer (material: sheer, transparent) fino/a   The gossamer top layer of the dress floated in the breeze.   La capa fina superior del vestido flotaba con dress la brisa. gossamer figurative (material: delicate, flimsy) delgado/a     fino/a     sutil   The pouch was gossamer and wouldn't hold much weight.   La bolsa era delgada y no podía sostener mucho peso.

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