Flower girls dresses gold 2018

Date: 15.10.2018, 22:52 / View: 45295

Violet in her casual angsty teen outfit.

Since Im still only in the sketching phase of dresses the Incestibles page 18 and had the sudden urge to flower girls dresses gold 2018 draw goth girls again I decided to finish up this pinup for today instead. It was originally meant to be a concept for Vi's school outfit, but I instead made it something more detailed.

Speaking of goth girls, I really want to revisit that theme, so I will probably be moving on to more of those in January, Im thinking of adding a few more pages to the Incestibles comic before moving on again. Feel like I have been drawing a bit too much of Helen and Vi lately and would like to explore different girls some more. (Of course I will always be coming back to them eventually, since they are the perfect couple.)

This will probably be the final post of 2015 since the year is over very soon. Its been a fantastic year, I finally got into Twitch streaming thanks to you, also I got around to fuse Shadbase and Shagbase in September so I can make content more efficiently without having to manage 2 websites. From Hermione to to I hope you enjoyed some of my work this year, and I hope you will like what I got in store for 2016! Theres SO much I want to do, theres no time to waste, I got to get to work on some new stuff.

My personal favourite game of this year has been Fallout 4(obviously) what has yours been?

See you soon with the next post!



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