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Where Is She Now?

At the time of this writing, Long Island Medium is in its sixth season of on TLC. When she's not filming her carefully edited carnival show or on, she's and writing, all based on a "psychic ability" that has been thoroughly debunked for over a century.

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has perfected the tricky art of being a renowned, best-selling historical author while having absolutely no credentials in history whatsoever. Through his organization, Barton established a goal of "historical reclamation," insisting that his research into American history has built a strikingly different timeline from the one we were all taught in schools (which, incidentally, is the correct one).

Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Unfortunately, his is less National Treasure bullshit and more "uncle who makes everyone uncomfortable at Thanksgiving" bullshit.

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Namely, Barton claims that the Founding Fathers created the United States as an exclusively Christian nation (there was never a separation of church and state), that was totally right about everything, and that civil rights icons such as Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. should be disregarded because "only majorities can expand political rights," which as you may have noticed is just another way of saying "only white people matter." This has turned him into a superstar in some circles, and he has been consulted to help rewrite the textbooks your kids will be using.

The Fraud:

Actual historians will tell you that Barton distorts quotes, cherry-picks information, cites fraudulent sources, and straight-up fictionalizes history to serve pictures his political goals. This was never more evident than when he managed to publish his book The Jefferson Lies, which portrayed Thomas Jefferson as a Christian fighting for the rights of slaves, and which was immediately voted "" by historians, professors, and Christian scholars (the publisher quickly in response).

David Barton If he'd known this was coming, Jefferson would've rolled his eyes for that portrait.

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