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Cute clothes styles for teenage girls tumblr

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What are the best stores for teens and tumblr tweens? There are the obvious ones: Target, Justice, Old Navy and Forever 21. But what about fashion-conscious teens who want something a little different? Perhaps she wants to create her own looks and go for a more vintage vibe or less trendy and more of her own style.  For more of the fashion-forward teens, the average clothing stores for girls, tweens, and teens will require you to look further. Sometimes finding sophisticated, unique or for parties or cool clothes to wear to school is a challenge. Teens and tweens like to wear fun and on-trend styles but sometimes they want something a little more fashionable and unique.  Here we’ll look at the Top 20 Best Stores for Teens and Tweens, and the 5 Worst Stores for Tweens and Teens. 

We all know fashion is one of your top priorities. And there are a lot of options out there for juniors’ clothing. The most important aspect between a mom and her teen or tween is finding styles they both can agree on – which isn’t always easy! The good news is: You can find stylish tween clothes that you’ll both agree on and hopefully we can open your eyes to some new stores or designers that you’ll fall in love with!

I have searched out a few of my  and abroad where you can find cute clothes styles for teenage girls tumblr some of the best, sophisticated styles (in a variety of budgets). Many are online and ship worldwide, too. The list initially began with only 16 stores but has since grown to over 25. I hope you find some stores that you’ll love to shop at!

Moderate-High End Stores:

  1. Zara Women’s Clothing, Zara Girls/Tween up to 14
  2. Ralph Lauren,   – Juniors
  3. , Tween and Teen
  4. Boden, /Tween/Teen 9-16 Years 
  5. Teen, Junior
  6.  Teen, Juniors
  7.  – (online, Girls to 14)
  8. (no, not the real estate firm, an awesome dept. store where you can find designer clothes -cheap!)

Online, Department Stores:

    1.  Fashion is quickly becoming the #1 hotspot for fashion online. With stores like  and  jumping onto Amazon offering designer brands such as,,  and even and   Amazon will soon be what the mall was to all of us once upon a time. It’s already become the one stop shop for everything from groceries to your new winter coat. <3 If you need a little style inspo for Back to School, check out the current Juniors Top Picks
    2. – Has excellent Girls, Tween clothing brands, and styles in a variety of styles. They have the as well!
    3.  offers a good selection of cute styles and with pop culture and graphic tees and a great selection of dresses and denim.

Moderate – Budget:

  1.  This one is a favorite go-to store for daily deals and their tween selections are pretty extensive!
  2. Brandy Melville – What girl doesn’t love? It’s hip, Instagram chic and affordable. If your teen is lucky enough to have a Brandy Melville store nearby, your best bet is a gift card for her birthday. She will love you for it!
  3. Primark (budget)- I visited my first Primark in Ireland last month and I am now officially HOOKED! If you love forever21 or Asos, you will love Primark. I picked up a pair of iridescent shoes for. Yes, it’s super cheap shopping, but all of the clothes are very on-trend with quite a few being more in the vein of European trends, so it will give girls a little something more than what she will find in a typical “mall store”.
  4.  American Eagle continues to evolve in their styles. That’s what I admire about this brand. They have the #1 selling jeans for the last several years for fit, quality, and price. AE has definitely stayed on top of trends and tween, juniors and moms love the styles from this iconic American classic brand.
  5.  I’ve always loved J Crew’s styles, but some Tweens may find it a little boring, and some may say it’s a little expensive (try for deep discounts!)  They have incorporated a lot more fun styles into their collections over the years to include cute tees with emoji motifs and sequins. For the preppy teen, the sophisticated styles of J Crew are pretty perfect.
  6. Aéropostale gets an honorable mention as it is a premier teen clothing brand with a focused selection of high-quality, active-oriented and trending fashion at great values. They have really changed their line a lot in the last few years to stay competitive with the more fashion-forward looks for tweens and teens.
  7.  (US) Girls thru Juniors | Uniqlo UK  Uniqlo is kind of like a GAP in many ways. A lot of nice basics and the prices can’t be beaten.
  8. Girls 8-14 (and up)  H&M continues to impress me with their growing variety of fashionable styles for kids and juniors clothes.
  9.  I love Mango for kids. It has a fresh aesthetic mixed with a little European style that really goes a long way. I rarely get on Mango’s website without finding a few items I really love!
  10.   Urban Outfitters is a #1 shopping destination for a lot of teens. Not only for the clothing but for the bedroom decor. Teenage girls thru college age love the retro styles and vintage revivals. Generally, if something is on trend, UO was one of the firsts to introduce it.
  11. ThredUP for deep discounts, designer thrift (yes, please!) and many items new with tags! Everything from J Crew and Gap to Burberry, Gucci, Mui Mui and Michael Kors!

The Top 5 WORST Tween and Teen Clothing Stores for 2017 (Least favorite, based on surveys):

  1. Justice for Girls
  2. Delias
  3. The Children’s Place
  4. JC Penney
  5. Benetton

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