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Marie Claire chats to Colin Firth about A Single Man, his Oscar hopes and what it's like to work with Tom Ford

Colin Firth’s new film, A Single Man, has caused a real stir in Hollywood. Directed by former Gucci designer Tom Ford, it charts the journey of a gay English professor struggling to come to terms with the death of his lover.

Marie Claire caught up with the man himself – who was looking incredibly dapper in a Tom Ford suit – to talk about the new film, his Oscar hopes, and why he might just have to think about Mama Mia 2.

You’re wearing Tom Ford today, do you have a wardrobe full of his clothes?
No, not full. I think given the cost of them – even for him – I don’t think anyone would have a full wardrobe of Tom Ford.

In the film, the main character George is always dressed immaculately. Have any of his habits rubbed off on you?
I don’t think so. I did think there was something wonderful about it, but with George the way he dresses is a sign of desperation. I kind of wish I could open this drawer and see all those shirts – everything immaculately starched and pressed – but I just couldn’t keep it up.

Do you think that’s what Tom Ford’s home is like?
I know what Tom Ford’s home is like! It’s everything you would imagine really. Very elegant and uncomplicated.

We best know Tom Ford a fashion icon – what was he like as a director?
One of the great gifts that Tom has, is that he creates the illusion that you have all the time in the world. This film was shot in 21 days, so there’s no reason why we should feel a sense of space at all, really, it should have been hasty and fraught and panic stricken. He’s a micromanager of things, but he doesn’t mess around editorialising and changing camera positions. He’s just saying, ‘I want what you can give me.’

Was he very hands on?
Tom was not an interfering director. He didn’t say, ‘I don’t like that do it again,’ I don’t think ever. He would say, ‘That was great,’ if he liked it. And if he didn’t like it, he would say, ‘That was great,’ and you’d think, ‘OK, we need to do this again.’ He was so patient in letting everything take its course. In one shot I was sitting in a chair with the camera in front of me, and I take a phone call. But once I put the phone down and Tom didn’t say cut, and I stayed there until the magazine ran out. I went into the other room and Tom just said, ‘Could you do that again,’ and we did that three times. He created a lot of space to work with.

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Watch Colin Firth interview video

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