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Coktail dresses 2018

Date: 01.11.2018, 14:58 / View: 91462

Chance by Chanel seems to be a perfect lucky charm... a perfect potion of luck... as long as I know, Chanel wanted to come up with a young, carefree fragrance, which would have all the elegance and the distinction of the maison for the new century. I think it worked...

We know that Gabrielle Chanel was really attached to signs, symbols and numbers, as well as objects and lucky charms. Her first perfume was called simply N° 5, her number of luck. This time, Jacques Polge made a new perfume called Chance, which means Luck in French, and that says a lot. The bottle seems to be another reference to that, too. A round bottle... the Wheel of Fortune... and the round bottle also brings some difference to the Chanel line, somethings that is also modern, after all. Modernity was another important thing for Mademoiselle Chanel...

Chance starts with some interesting mixes. Firstly I smell the pineaple together with the patchouli. A green, dry and fresh start. Also elegant. Then, hiacynth and iris, the first floral tones of the fragrance, wich will add that make-up tone to Chance. I also smell lots of pink pepper, which gets mixed later with the jasmine. Now let me tell you, that jasmine is really good. One of the best smelling jasmine notes I have ever smelled. So natural, so pleasent... so Chanel... amazing ingredients... then we have a sweet jasmine fragrance, always with that dry patchouli base, with a little bit of vetiver added. I mean, that vetiver which just Chanel knows how to put in the fragrance. Just well balanced and well done. The musk and the vanilla make themselves present coktail dresses 2018 in the fragrance too, giving some depth, some warmth and some creamy quality to the fragrance. There's always a lightness too, which I think it's provided by the lemon.

All year around fragrance, versatile, easy to wear... but make sure to buy the best concentration for you. I have the EDP and that's the one I'm reviewing here. It's better for night time, it will project more and give you more sillage, and it will last more on the skin too, because the EDP concentration is creamy and sweet. But it can be wore in hot days, you just have to apply less and know that it's going to be more discreet. Wearing by night or in colder days it projects like a monster, it fills a room and it lasts very well.

I'm totally amazed by Chance from the very first moment I smelled it. That didn't change. Wear it in some important occasions, meetings, dates and it really can help you with its luck-giving qualities... wear it, and take your chance...


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