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Clothes design template body 2018

Date: 18.10.2018, 10:30 / View: 34531

It’s apparent, when you look back through years of The Vivienne Files, that my thinking about some concepts… evolves… the more I work with them. Foremost among the ideas that have gone through some changes is the Four by Four Capsule Wardrobe. But I’m pretty settled on how I think this best comes together, (finally…) so I built a template from which we can all work, in the future.

You should be able to “right click” on this baby and print it, but if you can’t, just send me a note at , and I’ll send it to you.

It felt really odd to work on a document in “portrait orientation”… but it fits much better this way!

And yes, I’m going right back to the navy and beige “Whatever’s Clean 13”, with some changes of accessories.

Ultimately, I think what you can learn from The Vivienne Files is that there are a few different ways to approach wardrobe planning and building. What matter is NOT which method you use, but just the fact that you HAVE a plan, and a method, and that you’re not just frittering away hard-earned money on clothes that do you no favors.

  • You may choose to Start From Scratch if you really need EVERYTHING and have to beginning at step one.
  • If you need a bit of focus for a few months, and to learn about how very little you need to be well-dressed, is a great way to do that.
  • The is for those of us who want to pull together a core within our existing wardrobe that gives us stability and security (that Monday Morning Wardrobe problem is solved!). It helps illustrate what pieces we need to add, in order to eliminate that insecure feeling when we open our closet door.
  • And of course, is great for travel, but can also serve as a guideline for season shopping.

Ultimately, you can just read The Vivienne Files for an aesthetic indulgence in pretty pictures of lovely clothes, lovingly chosen to create new and alluring combinations. Or you can cherry-pick the concepts that help you, and just leave the rest for other. I’m just happy that you’re here with me each day!


PS – For more tools to help you plan your wardrobe, including the latest Pantone Color Planner, check out the section of the website.

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