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Christmas colour 2018

Date: 22.10.2018, 21:13 / View: 73363

‘Coloring Squared Christmas Game’ designed a new fascinating free video game ‘Color by Number’ for preschoolers and kids of christmas colour 2018 elementary and secondary school. Visiting the website, you will see a wide choice of pictures for coloring. All of them look like squares with plenty of mini quadrates inside. In other words, squares were divided into certain sections, quadrates. Each section is colour numbered. Each number represents a color you need to use. Under the picture there is a special table, marking numbers and relevant colors you need to pick. Everything is easy as ABC!

In order to see the hidden image (that you will get in result), you can just ‘hover’ over it. If you like it, do not hesitate and click on the image to pull up the PDF. Sometimes people like printed color sheets more and it is not a problem, because you can print any picture you want and color it with a help of crayons or felt pens.

For those who like challenges there are more options! Pick 6 sheets of coloring mural of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ characters.  They are just super – bright and attractive! Try it! It is for more advanced ‘painters’, as it implies even a collective work with peers, friends or parents. It is even more fascinating and creative process than it seems to be, because it develops cognitive abilities and creativeness at the same time! Moreover, if you do not like coloring alone and prefer company, then you can chose among, so-called, group projects. One more coloring mural of six pictures presents Assassin’s Creed character.

‘Coloring Squared’ is developing new designs and patterns of math coloring worksheets even now, so it means there will be new and new updates of images on the site! The visitors’ feedback is really appreciated, as it makes the site and video game better. Do not linger to visit the website and write the feedback!

If you DO need to practice/polish math concepts like subtraction, division, addition, multiplication, number sense, decimal awareness, etc., pick Free Math Coloring Pages which are abundant with popular characters from Minecraft, Disney cartoons, Angry Birds, Transformers, Literature and Comics heroes. Hopefully, all the visitors will be satisfied!

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