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Chiffon maxi skirt with split 2018

Date: 15.11.2018, 05:12 / View: 42241


shoes: Sam edelman  sunglasses: h&m

Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a maxi skirt, especially a maxi skirt that shows a little leg. The slits not only adds a little vavavoom, but adds a pretty flow as you walk and move in it. I was shocked at how dang easy this was to make. Even though working with 3 yards of fabric can be a pain in the but, everything else was smooth sailing. I’m in love with this skirt! I just have to make it in a pretty floral to match this upcoming summer.

2-3 yards of light knit fabric, avoid thick or interlock (see step 1 for the amount you will need)
elastic (I chose black 1″ wide elastic)
sewing machine

1. Measure your hips and double or triple the measurement (this will be the length the amount of fabric that will be gathered at the waist). Make sure when you purchase your fabric that you will be able to get this waist width and the length of the skirt. Then divide by 3. (ex: 38″ hip measurement x 2 = 76″ / 3 = 25″) This measurement will be the 2 pieces you will sew together. One will be bigger (2/3 of the length) and one will be smaller (1/3 the length). (For example: one of the pieces will be 25″ (that is a 1/3 of the waist) and 51″ will be the bigger piece (2/3 the waist)). If you can’t find the knit fabric bolt to be wide enough then do 3 pieces all 1/3 the doubled or tripled waist measurement.
So what I did was buy 3 yards of fabric, and used the entire width of the bolt to be one piece and 1/3 of the doubled waist measurement from the remaining fabric.
2. Sew the seams together, RST, leaving the slits unsewn.
3. Leave the slits un-hemmed (knit doesn’t fray) or hem them under the amount of your seam chiffon allowance so it falls nicely with the seams.
4. Sew the elastic’s ends together then attach to the top of the skirt. Here are 2 ways to do this:

Option a – outside elastic: mark the elastic and skirt into quarters, then pin those quarters together laying the elastic over the top of the skirt lining up the edge of the skirt with the elastic. Top stitch both the edge of the elastic, stretching the elastic as you sew. Flip up.

Option b – hidden elastic: mark the elastic and skirt into quarters, then pin those quarters together laying the elastic over the top of the skirt, placing the edge of the elastic to the edge of the skirt, on the outside of the skirt. i.e. only the edge of the elastic will touch the top of the skirt, (vs. option a were the entire elastic is touching). Sew together, stretching as you sew. Then flip under inside the skirt. Stretch as you topstitch it under. If you don’t want to topstitch it, it will still work.maxislit

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