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Black chanel purse knockoff

Date: 16.10.2018, 08:25 / View: 84153

don't buy it please just don't.

i'm a lawyer, chanel I can sue you for this.

my vintage chanel n 5 parfum extrait is empty right now, so I said I will buy the biggest bottle of the extrait 30 ml, ohhhhhhhh yes not the 7,5 or 15 ml, it's the 30 ml people, and it costs 325 dollar.

my sister arrived now from London, picked her form the airport, went home less than an hour ======= and she gave me the 30 ml bottle of no 5 extrait de parfum.
woooooow i'm happy, opened the bottle and what???????

what is this?????? really ohhhhhhh no no no.

this is not chanel no 5 i'm sure, don't tell me that i'm new to this parfum noooooooooo, I have all the extrait of this perfume from 70s 80s 90s and even 40s yes, and I have vintage edp, edt.

and guess what I've been testing the new reformulation on the edp and edt for that past 3 whole years.

but this the new extrait is just you know baby Johnson lotions??? or maybe powder yes yes it's exactly than same no more or less.

Facts :

chanel claims that no 5 extrait de parfum contains 1000 jasmine from grasse, and 12 may rose also from grasse.

now I know exactly what grasse jasmine smells like I went there 3 years and let me tell you it's glorious like no jasmine on this earth not even the jasmine sambac which is green and indole, grasse jasmine is fresh, airy, heaven,Strawberry jam like when you smell its absolute.

and I know exactly what may rose smells like.

for the vintage chanel no 5 extrait de parfum : the parfum opens with fresh bergamote, neroli, rosewood and aldehyde.

heart notes : grasse jasmine, may rose, ylang ylang, iris.

base notes : sandalwood, musk, civet, amber,oak moss, vetiver.

the vintage extrait is a work of art, very poetic, mysterious, warm, enigmatic, really the best of the best quality. warm blamy the flowers are there but it's hard to pick any of them chanel yes you can feel than 1000 grasse jasmine and may rose and the iris but no one stands out just amazing.

the new extrait notes :

powder and aldehyde I swear nooooooo flowers not even the jasmine chanel you said that a 30 ml contains a 1000 jasmine from grasse I don't get ittttttttttt what a lie shame on you.

no rose not even a cheap one, no iris no sandalwood not even a synthetic one, no vetiver no ylang ylang noooooooooooooooooooothing.

it's just baby powder and aldehyde, no top notes no heart notes no base at all.

one more thing : sillage is zero I swear, longevity?????? you wanna know? it's 20 mins that's it.

bye chanel no 5 extrait de parfum you used to be the best of the best RIP.

please test before you buy.

mine is from London Harrods 6th floor, the perfume salon 30 ml costs 325 dollar painful.

ohhh and the batch code its 0501, it's Aguste 2016 yup brand new juice.

chanel you changed a lot ((((to the worst )).


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