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4 New Skin Fixes

Some things in skin care are constant: retinol reduces wrinkles, salicylic acid minimizes breakouts, and hyaluronic acid plumps up loose skin. But like all medical professionals, dermatologists are constantly reinventing procedures and rethinking treatments to bring you the best, most effective solutions. 

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That’s why we went to the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual summer meeting—to bring you the newest advances in skin care. Here, four skin fixes to ask your derm about.

If you have acne…

Ask about Absorica

“In order to optimally absorb acne medication, you need to take it with a fatty meal,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, Prevention advisor, and director of the meeting session, Acne, Rosacea and Other Common Dermatoses: Can We Do Better? This medicine gives you a comparable level of absorption—without needing to take it with food.  

If you have rosacea… 

Ask about laser therapy 

While rosacea is usually associated with red bumps and flare-ups, there’s also what’s called, “background redness.” (That flushed look that never seems to go away.) The solution: Combine laser therapy with your topical and oral treatments to attack rosacea from all angles, and ask your derm about medicines for background redness that are currently in development.

If you have varicose veins…

Ask about endovenous laser ablation

Long gone are the days of painful vein stripping, which require weeks of recovery.  Endovenous ablation heats up the vein with a laser or radiofrequency wave, causing it to collapse and disintegrate. The best part? You’re ready to go back to work within a couple days. 

If you have…skin!

Ask about the signs of non-melanoma skin cancer

It’s not as obvious as you think: Fiona O’Reilly Zwald, MD, and assistant professor of dermatology at Emory University explained that basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are on the rise in people over 40-years-old. And almost half of people who live to 65-years-old will have either cancer at least once, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

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Dermatologists worry that people aren’t taking these forms of skin cancer seriously. Yes, they’re not as deadly as melanoma, but early detection is crucial. If caught soon, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas can even be treated topically, Dr. Zwald explained.

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4 New Skin Fixes
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4 New Skin Fixes photo
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4 New Skin Fixes 4 New Skin Fixes new pics
4 New Skin Fixes new pictures

pics 4 New Skin Fixes
photo 4 New Skin Fixes

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Watch 4 New Skin Fixes video

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Communication on this topic: 4 New Skin Fixes, 4-new-skin-fixes/ , 4-new-skin-fixes/

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