Top 10 Iron Rich Foods

21 Foods High In Iron

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili6. Kidney Beans
Bean lovers rejoice! Kidney beans are a killer addition to any simmering dish or fresh salad, and come with a host of health benefits like stabilizing insulin levels and lowering cholesterol. They’re also a virtually fat-free way to boost your iron stores, perfect for iron-deficient individuals. Try a bowl of Vegetarian Chili with kidney beans.


Watching your weight? Check out this White Beans for Weight Loss recipe for an easy way to add iron and shed pounds.

7. Raisins
Say buh-bye to post-lunch crashes and dozing off during your afternoon psych class. Raisins deliver healthy amounts of iron, allowing life-sustaining oxygen to reach cells and tissues. They also provide ample amounts of vitamin C and natural sugars to help metabolize energy and leave you feeling revitalized.

Try this pleasantly sweet saute that spotlights golden raisins: Spinach Saute with Pine Nuts and Golden Raisins

8. Scallops
Scallops are a good source of heme-iron, the type easily absorbed by your body. This super seafood offers a boatload of nutrients that battle cancer cells and improve cardiovascular health. Low iron levels can leave you feeling short-tempered and annoyed. The sheer sight of tasty scallops sizzling with flavor will turn any irritable face into a smiling one.

To ensure you take in all of the health wonders scallops have to offer, aim to broil or bake instead of frying. Try this Easy Broiled Scallops recipe to learn how!

9. Asparagus
This flowery spring vegetable is fortified with iron, delivering a grand total of 2.1 mg in 6 spears. The prized plant can also prevent and relieve destructive health conditions, while enhancing the appearance and nutritional value of any meal. Enjoy them crunchy in their whole form, or creamy when blended in soups like thisSkinny Cream of Asparagus Soup.

10. Oatmeal
Oatmeal tops the charts with iron content, offering around 5-6 mg per serving! It’s a great low-glycemic breakfast option, as it expands in your stomach and keeps you feeling full throughout the day. Sink your spoon into a bowl of energy-boosting oatmeal for a breakfast guaranteed to satisfy and meet all your iron needs.

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